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High Tea

June 1, 2014

Now that our trip to Costa Rica has been documented, it’s time to get caught up on all the other delicious things that have been going on!

A few weekends ago my Mom, my friend Badri and I went for High Tea at the Windsor Arms hotel.


Ever since my Mom and I had an amazing High Tea in Paris at the George V, we’ve become hooked!



I love Tea. I love the little sandwiches and Petit Fours, and the Scones with cream are always my favourite part.


High Tea

They brought us one small container of cream and the two jams, and we told them in advance we’d likely need at least one pot of cream each…


Tea Pot

My mother has never been a fan of tea (she equates it with being sick), but she can appreciate a beautiful Tea Set!



Of course, adding a glass of Champagne makes everything better.


Afternoon Tea

Everything looked so good!


Puff Pastry

We each got one of the Tarts and the two types of scones. The scones were really good, but the tart was phenomenal.



Crustless white bread sandwiches are always a hit. The Cucumber with Sundried Tomato was the best.



Of course, I was most excited for the Petit Fours. We got quite a few little treats, but only one of each so sharing was tough. We would have preferred fewer options with multiple of each. That being said, they were all were delicious so it was hard to complain…

George V will always be my number 1, but I was a fan of High Tea at The Windsor Arms! Where do you go for the best High Tea?

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