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Day 7 in Costa Rica

May 24, 2014

Day 7 we had another early morning.

It was our last full day in Costa Rica and we wanted to made it count!

Banana Chocolate Roll

We were meeting our surf instructor at 7:45am, so we went into town early to have breakfast at The Bakery.

There were so many delicious options that we couldn’t decide what to get!


Pain au Chocolat

We ended up getting a Banana Chocolate Roll, Pain au Chocolat and a Croissant. Great choices, all were fantastic.



Why did the Chicken cross the road?

To avoid getting hit by motorists.



After an awesome morning surfing we were exhausted, hot and starving. We went to Burger Rancho for lunch, and each got a burger and some ice cold beers.

When we were finished lunch we made our way back to the hotel and enjoyed our last afternoon by the pool.



At one point we heard meowing from somewhere in the trees, and Cobi starting meowing back. This went on for awhile, and eventually a cat appeared and joined us on our daybed!


Saying Hello

Cobi, an avid Cat-Hater, wasn’t really sure what to think of Random Jungle Kitty.



Random Jungle Kitty, however, decided he loved Cobi.



Jungle Kitty hopped right up on Cobi’s lap and settled in.



Once we were sure Random Jungle Kitty wasn’t going to claw our eyes out or give us rabies, we grew quite fond of him.



He was super friendly and playful, and was quite clean so we figured he must have been owned by someone nearby.



Hard as we tried to send Random Jungle Kitty back to his home, we just couldn’t shake him. So we all snuggled up on the daybed and enjoyed the rest of the sunny afternoon.



Eventually Random Jungle Kitty returned to his home, and Cobi and I briefly considered driving somewhere to watch the sun set.



Because we’re both incredibly lazy, we settled on enjoying a Sunset-coloured drink from the comfort of where we were already sitting.



As Andrea was making our Sunset drinks, we noticed she had been setting up a private table. We asked her about it, and she told us that someone was planning a proposal that night!



We helped her set up, tossing flowers on the floor and putting little candles everywhere.



Once everything was all set up we went back to our room to change for dinner. On our way to the car we stopped back in to see what it looked like with the candles lit!



Sooooo romantic.

Cobi and I made our way to Mary’s in town, and shared Fish Ceviche and a Hawaiian Pizza. Cobi usually doesn’t like Hawaiian Pizza, but even he couldn’t resist delicious fresh pineapple on pizza!

After dinner we made our way back to the hotel for a final Banana Colada. We’d mentioned we didn’t get dessert at Mary’s so Andrea brought us a little bowl of Chocolate Chips! She was the best. Cobi suggested adding them to the Banana Coladas, so Andrea made us one with the Chips blended in. Best dessert ever!



When we finished our dessert drinks we made our way back to the room to start packing and get organized for our last day in Mal País.

Oh Casa Chameleon, how I’ve grown to love you. And your bugs.

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