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Day 6 in Costa Rica

May 23, 2014

Breakfast View

Friday we woke up to a blue sky with hardly a cloud to be seen.


French Toast

For breakfast I had the Guava Coconut French Toast again, because it was just so amazing.


Breakfast Burritos

Cobi got a Breakfast Burrito which was also pretty awesome.


Roof Lizard



Blue Sky

Truly a horrible day!

We had plans to do a Zip Line tour of the Canopy in Montezuma in the afternoon, so we spent the morning doing what we do best – lazing by the pool!


Mini Lizard

This was the teeniest lizard we’d seen so far!



Not sure what this was, but I wasn’t a fan…



Around noon we ordered some Chicken Quesadillas and Plantain chips with Guacamole, getting some energy before our afternoon adventure.



After lunch we hopped in the car and drove to Montezuma.

It was a really pretty place, but seemed more touristy even though it was so small.



When we arrived we were strapped into our harnesses and got a quick lesson in zip lining.


Cobi & Cosi

Aren’t we adorable?



The zip lining was awesome. Some were pretty close to the ground but through dense tree tunnels, others were crazy high with the most amazing views!

We did 5 or 6 lines, then we ditched our harnesses and hiked to a waterfall.



We walked to a little opening in the trees that revealed a rocky stream, with a collection of little pools everywhere.



There was a bigger pool at the bottom of a 12ft waterfall, and beyond this pool was a 45ft waterfall, and beyond that was a 100ft fall!

We were only brave (smart) enough to jump in off the 12ft falls.


Rope Swing

There was also a rope swing, but I had visions of swinging back into the rock wall…

Because it was the beginning of the rainy season, all the dirt was washing through which made the pools look pretty brown. Apparently in the dry season the water is very clear.



I think the Zinc look is really working for me.



After some cliff jumping and swimming and lounging, we dried off, walked back up to the zip lining platform and took a few more lines back to where we started.

It was so fun, the views were incredible and the waterfalls were beautiful!


Chocolate Passionfruit

On the way home we stopped at a store called Super Ronny #1. Not sure who Ronny is, but he also has Super Ronny #2 and Hotel Ronny. Way to go, Ronny!

The store had all kinds of crazy things. We bought some Chocolate Covered Passion Fruit, because Cobi and I both became obsessed with passion fruit on this trip.



We also bought little cakes filled with Dulce de Leche. Cobi thought they needed icing, but I thought they were perfect.


Guaro Sour

When we got back to the hotel, we resumed our positions poolside and the bartender made us a ‘Guaro Sour’.



She told us we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the flavour of Guaro unless we tried it on it’s own, so she brought us each a shot.



Chasing a shot with a piece of fresh Pineapple is the only way to go.


We decided to have dinner at the hotel, both choosing the Catch of the Day. We were served Fish Ceviche with twice fried Green Plantains to start, then Mahi Mahi on rice with cashews. It was all so good!

Before we were served dessert, the chef came out to apologize to us. Apparently the plating was too similar to a dish we’d already had, and he felt very bad. It didn’t matter to Cobi or me one bit. All the food had been amazing, and even though we had the same type of fish multiple times, it was all cooked so differently and uniquely each time that we didn’t notice!


Banana Bread

Even still, the chef offered us free drinks with our dessert. And who are we to turn down free drinks?

We got our dessert (Banana Bread and Strawberry Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce) and our free drinks (Guava Margaritas with a Cayenne salt rim).

Pretty fantastic way to end a pretty fantastic day 🙂

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