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Day 5 in Costa Rica

May 22, 2014


Still not sick of the view.


Breakfast Tacos

Mmm, breakfast Tacos.



It was another beautiful, hot day, so we spent the morning back in the ocean surfing.



Hard as I tried to protect myself from the sun, my nose still got a little burnt the first day we went surfing. So before we went out this time, I bought two different kinds of Zinc and packed them on my face. Big help!


Chicken Joes

After a solid morning of surfing we stopped at Chicken Joe’s for lunch.


Hot Sauce

Chicken Joe looks like a good time.



Costa Rican Cervezas are delicious!


Fish Tacos

So are their Fish Tacos.



And their chicken, Yucca Fries and Plantain Chips!



After lunch and a quick stop for ice cream, we were back by the pool.



I noticed the biggest lizard we’d seen so far, and I wished I could get closer to take a better photo.



Mister Lizard must have heard my request because he came right over!



Too close, Mister Lizard…


Eating my Shirt

Remember the Rash Guard I said would give me trouble? Well he had his eye on that, and kept trying to eat it.


Go Away

He was starting to freak me out a little so I enlisted the help of Cobi to shoo him away.


Too Close

But so long as my rash guard was in sight, Mister Lizard wouldn’t leave.



I ended up hiding my rash guard under a towel, and took safety at the bar.


Banana Colada

Here’s to you, Mister Lizard.

May you never show your scaly face again.



His smaller lizard friends were more than welcome to hang out.


Sunning Lizard

This guy was catching some rays on a lazy Thursday afternoon.



So precious.

After appreciating the wildlife we took cover in our room as it started to drizzle. It never really rained, just a good lightning storm. At one point the power went out, so we took that as a reason to have a nice pre-dinner nap!

When we woke up we decided to go to Las Piedras, an Argentinian restaurant in town. I had Roast Chicken and Cobi had Pork Ribs, both were phenomenal.



After dinner we decided to stop by The Bakery for something sweet! Cobi got an Alfajor, which was Dulce de Leche sandwiched between two Sugar Cookies, rolled in Coconut Flakes.


Passionfruit Cheesecake

I’d been eyeing the Passionfruit Cheesecake for a few days now, so I was excited to finally give it a try!

Both treats were really, really good. We have yet to be disappointed by a meal here.

I think I’m going to try making my own Alfajores. They had a really nice subtle flavour, and seem pretty simple!

Mmm delicious day 5.

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