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Day 4 in Costa Rica

May 21, 2014

Day 4 started early!

Our alarm went off at 6:30am and we quickly got ready for our snorkeling adventure.


We stopped by the kitchen as we were leaving to grab our ‘small’ to-go breakfast… We each got a ton of fruit, a ton of granola, and a big baggie of yogurt!




We drove north to Curu, said What’s Up to the skinny Costa Rican cows, and took a boat to Isla Tortuga to do some snorkeling!

The boat anchored by a small rock island, we hopped in the water and swam around looking at all the fishies. We didn’t see anything too exciting, but just the sheer number of fish swimming around was amazing to see!

After we floundered with the flounders the boat took us to a quiet beach where there was juice, water and fresh fruit waiting for us. Cobi and I had a quick snack then walked along the beach, finding a nice shady spot to sit and relax. It was getting close to lunch at this point, and our captain called us over to a picnic table to enjoy lunch of fresh Snapper! I was loving all the fresh fruit and fish on this trip.

After lunch we took the boat back to the landing, and drove back to the hotel.



I loved coming back to our room after it had been cleaned, because the staff left flowers everywhere!


Pink Flower

The colours were so bright.


White Flower

Our boat Captain gave me this one!


Little Flower

Love these little guys.


Pretty Flower

This one was probably my favourite! So beautiful.


Foggy Glasses

By this point in the afternoon it was crazy hot. Every time I stepped outside my glasses completely fogged up!



Cobi made a towel barrier to ensure I did not get in his personal space. It was too hot to be in love, apparently.



To combat the heat we got big cups of water, and big cups of Banana and Passionfruit Mojitos. Andrea made a killer Mojito.


Pina Colada

After the Banana and Passionfruit Mojitos, Cobi tried a Strawberry Mojito and I tried a Piña Colada. With the fresh fruit being so delicious, the fruity beverages were amazing!



We swam, we drank, we slept, we witnessed wildlife.


Giant Butterfly

At first we thought this guy was a leaf, but he was in fact a big, fuzzy butterfly.

I wish I had my hand in the photo to show you just how big he was!


Giant Frog

After a relaxing afternoon by the pool, it was time to head into town for dinner. As we were getting into the car we noticed a HUGE frog!!

I swear, the creepycrawlies are getting bigger and bigger…

Oh, have I mentioned the jumping spiders yet? I didn’t like those so much.



Look at this giant creepycrawly!

The wildlife in Costa Rica own the streets, walking around as they please. The dogs love taking naps in the middle of the road, moving as little as possible to avoid cars, and settling back in once we passed.



For dinner we went to Soda Tiquicia, a very authentic Costa Rican restaurant. Cobi had a Chicken Casado and I had a Fish Taco. Once again there was an insane amount of food!

After dinner we made our way back to the hotel, had a couple Rum and Cokes, then slipped into a well-deserved food coma 🙂

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