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Day 3 in Costa Rica

May 20, 2014





Once we got rid of the Creepy Crawly, I could enjoy a much nicer view.


Yellow Flower

Walking up the path to breakfast we stopped to look at all the flowers.


Purple Flowers

So many pretty flowers.


Red Flower

Even though there are lots of creepy crawly things in CR, there are lots of nice pretty things!


Breakfast View

Once again we had a beautiful breakfast view.



For breakfast I had a Veggie Omelette with Bacon and a homemade Jelly



Cobi got Crepes filled with Caramelized Papaya! My breakfast was good, but Cobi’s was phenomenal.



After breakfast we walked back to the room to get ready to surf.



We were walking along the pretty pathway when we saw LOTS of wildlife…



Some little Iguanas



Some bigger Iguanas



Mystery footprints… what are you?



And ginormous Butterflies! This guy was the size of my face.


Panorama Deck

With the hotel being surrounded by nature, I guess it makes sense that we were REALLY surrounded by nature!!


Playa Hermosa

We met up with our surf instructor at 9:30am, and surfed at Playa Hermosa until 12:30pm, when our arms felt like lead. Cobi and I have both surfed before, but never in good, consistent surf. It was awesome!



By the time we were done we were tired, dehydrated and hungry, so we stopped at The Bakery for lunch.

We shared a fruit smoothie to replenish some sugar, and downed a ton of water.



I got a Chicken sandwich and Cobi got a Tuna sandwich. They were pretty good, but we had lots of recommendations to try this place because it was supposed to be amazing, so we decided to come back another day and try their pastries for breakfast!


Secret Beach Road

On our way back to the hotel we decided to try to find Secret Beach, which the hotel told us about.

They said to drive into the Fish Market, and right as you’re about to run down the vendors, turn onto the little dirt road.


Secret Beach Pathway

We parked in an open area where the road ended, and walked down the path.


Secret Beach

Aha! A beach!


Secret Beach1

It was beautiful.



There was a couple enjoying a romantic picnic, so we didn’t stay long.



We waded in the water and walked along the white sand, enjoying the view.


Panorama Pool

Then we walked back up the path to our car, and drove back to the hotel for an afternoon by the pool.

Pool Lounging

Tuesdays can be tough.



We watched the sun set from our balcony, then got ready for dinner.



We’d been told great things about Brisas Del Mar, and although we missed getting there for sunset (apparently they have incredible views) we decided to go for dinner.



The menus were chalkboards leaning on chairs, and displayed a wide variety of fresh fish dinners. We ordered all sorts of fish, and it was all delicious.



I also got a mini pitcher of Sangria!

It would have been nice to be there for sunset as the views really were spectacular, but it was still an awesome dinner.

We were both exhausted after our day of surfing, so we dragged ourselves back to the hotel to go to sleep. We had an early morning ahead of us, Day 4 – Snorkeling!

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