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Day 2 in Costa Rica

May 19, 2014

We woke up Monday morning to bright skies and warm air.

We hadn’t seen the hotel in the light yet, so we took a quick look around before heading up for breakfast.


The view from our balcony was beautiful.


Casa Chameleon Sign

Let me paint a picture of the place we were staying.

There is the main building that has the kitchen, restaurant, bar and pool. Then there are 6 private villas dispersed around the property.



This was the path leading to our villa.



The path led to these stairs



Which led to our Villa!



The name Casa Chameleon is very apt, there were little lizards scuttling around everywhere!


Casa Bed

The room was beautiful.



Like, so beautiful.



We had a little sitting/eating place on the balcony


Private Pool

As well as a hammock and a private plunge pool!!

Oh ya. I could stay here for a week.


Breakfast View

After we wrapped our minds around our hotel it was time for breakfast.

Again, the view was beautiful.



First we were given a plate of fresh fruit, and it was the most amazing fruit I’ve ever had. Pineapple, Mango, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Papaya. Tropical fruit from a tropical place is the only way to go. I fear I will never again enjoy Pineapple!!


French Toast

After we (nearly) filled up on fruit is was time for more breakfast! I’d ordered the French Toast, and it was unlike any French Toast I’ve ever had before. It was filled with Guava Jelly and topped with Coconut Flakes and it was SO good.


Gallo Pinto

Cobi had traditional Gallo Pinto, with Eggs and Avocado.


Casa Chameleon

After breakfast we met up with the Assistant Manager to plan out our week, and she gave us some suggestions on where to go in town. We also had recommendations from family friends who had spent time in the area, so we were excited to get our trip started.

We decided to go into town to pick up more sunscreen (I go through a lot of it…) and buy a rash guard for Cobi for our surfing lessons.


Casa Road

This is the road leading from our hotel into the town. You can’t really tell from the photo, but it’s crazy steep!


Playa Carmen

After I picked up all the SPF I could handle we went to Playa Carmen, one of the nearby beaches.

We walked along the water for a bit, and couldn’t believe how warm the ocean was.


Main Road

We parked the car in Mal País and walked along the main road to Santa Theresa.



We came across Zula, which we heard was amazing Israeli food.



It was toasty hot and we knew how awesome the fruit was so we ordered Fruit Smoothies with Banana, Papaya, Watermelon, Pineapple, Guanabana, Strawberry and Mango. It was amazing.


Falafel Salad

We ordered Tahini Hummus and a Falafel Salad to share, it was really good!

After lunch we walked back to the car and decided to spend the afternoon by the pool.


Hand Towels

The flowers in the area were beautiful!



Everything was beautiful.



Especially the pool…



The public pool was larger than the plunge pools with a pretty stone waterfall. Even though it was a ‘public’ pool it was always really quiet. The hotel only had 6 villas, and it seemed that most guests took advantage of their private pools or were out exploring during the day, so we had the pool all to ourselves!



We hunkered down poolside under an umbrella, a sunhat, a long-sleeved rash guard and 15lbs of sunscreen.

Oh ya, I’m totally meant to be this close to the equator.


Red Bug

At one point I did risk taking off my long sleeved top, and a little bug friend tried hard to blend in. (This rash guard gave me more trouble with the local wildlife, as you’ll read about in later posts).



We had a horrible day, lounging and drinking and swimming and napping.



See how depressed I was?

Just awful.

After our terrible day of exploring and relaxation we went back to our room to freshen up for dinner.

We decided to eat at the hotel again because the food was so good! Because it’s a small hotel they handle meals differently. Only hotel guests can eat at the restaurant, and you need to give the kitchen advanced notice if you’re going to eat there, as they bring in all food fresh and specially for each meal. For dinners you get a choice between a meat that changes every day (sometimes beef, sometimes chicken, sometimes lamb etc), and the catch of the day. I went for the fish, and Cobi went for the other option, Lamb.



We started with awesome chicken wings, my fish was Mahi Mahi over Black Quinoa and Roasted Garlic Sauce, and Cobi had Rack of Lamb. Dessert (pictured above) was Costa Rican Guava with a Dark Chocolate Crust. It was all SO. GOOD!

After dinner we went to the bar to try some Nicaraguan rum, Flor de Caña. That’s when we met Andrea, the bartender at Casa Chameleon. She makes the most amazing drinks, and was so friendly! Whenever she was working we’d chat with her, and she’d tell us all about the town and the Costa Rican way of life, and give us great suggestions on what to check out while we were there. She was awesome.


Little Frog

After a few drinks we went back to our room to have a dip in the plunge pool. We had a little friend waiting for us!



Luckily we were smart enough to close the bug net on the bed before we went for dinner, so when we got back all the bugs had collected on the outside!

It’s amazing how much doing nothing can exhaust you! We fell asleep right quick and couldn’t wait for another day to start.

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