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Happy Easter!

April 26, 2014

For obvious reasons, Easter is one of my very favourite times of year.

Mini Eggs

My Easter celebrations began thanks to Cobi. He bought me American Mini Eggs, and turns out they’re bigger than their Canadian counterparts! They’re also better. More like the Mini Eggs you get in England. So good.



He also surprised me one day by sending me Chocomize treats!



Cobi and I have bought chocolate bars from Chocomize before and they were awesome, so I was excited for my treats.



First were mini Chocolate Cupcakes.


Chocolate Cupcakes

They were Chocolate cups filled with a Chocolate Ganache, topped with frosting in different flavours.


Chocolate Eggs

There were also Chocolate Eggs, one Oreo and the other Skor, but they didn’t travel so well…



On Friday of the Easter Weekend my Mom and I decided to try decorating eggs using Sharpies. I think they turned out pretty cute!
Easter Table

After we were satisfied with our eggs we set the table for our big Easter dinner my Mom was hosting Saturday.



Everything was bright colours, bunnies and eggs.


Bunnies & Chicks

We have a tradition of receiving socks at Easter, so we decided to wrap up everyone’s socks in adorable Easter bags!



Because not all children appreciate a good pair of socks, everyone also got a Belgian Chocolate Easter Bunny at their place setting.


Egg Hunt

The next day before the kids arrived the Easter Bunnies got to work.


Hidden Eggs

The weather was perfect for an outdoor hunt!


Decorating Eggs

After the hunt we did more Egg decorating with Dyes, Sharpies, Paint and Stickers!

Making a mess is so fun.


Easter Cake

After all the hunting and decorating it was time for a delicious Easter Dinner, followed by delicious Easter Desserts!

But the best was still to come.


Cobi and Cosi

Cobi was not supposed to be home until the end of April, so when we walked through the door on Saturday I was so excited! Apparently he and one of his partners decided last minute to hop in the car and drive home two weeks early – 41 hours straight!

He must have really wanted some Easter chocolate…



The next morning the Easter Bunny had come!


Giant Egg

The Easter Bunny really gets me.


Easter Cupcakes

After a delicious breakfast of Cream Eggs, we walked up the road to our neighbours annual Easter Brunch, where there were even more delicious things to be enjoyed!

It was the perfect Easter Weekend 🙂

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