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Old Fashioned Sour Cream Glazed Donuts

April 2, 2014

Oh god.

I’ve officially found a new obsession.

And it’s a dangerous one.

As you know, last weekend I made baked Nutella Donuts with my friend Badri. They were pretty delicious, but not as light and fluffy as their deep fried counterparts.

So… this past Saturday while I was at my Mom’s, we whipped out her deep fryer and got to baking.



We decided on Old Fashioned Sour Cream Glazed Donuts, partly because they are super delicious and partly because we had all the ingredients on hand.



Once the deep fryer was on and heating, we put together the ingredients.



We were a little too far along in the process before we realized we’d used the wrong flour – We used regular instead of cake. Whoops!


Donuts and Holes

Once the dough was chilled we rolled it out and cut out the donuts and holes.


Deep Frying

Looking back at the photos of the deep frying process, it’s kind of gross…


Glazed Donuts

But it resulted in something magical.

Once the donuts and holes were done frying we dipped them in the glaze and let them set.


Old Fashioned Sour Cream Glaze

Because we used the wrong flour they were a little more dense than they should have been, but they were still incredibly tasty.


Sour Cream Glazed

Definitely need to try making them again with the correct flour!





Chocolate Dough

This time we decided to try Chocolate Glazed donuts.


Donuts and Holes

And we were sure to use the correct flour!


Fried Donuts




Double yum.


Donut Holes

The holes were dangerous. They were so small and delicious, it was easy to eat a million without a second thought.


Chocolate Glazed

Using the right flour definitely made a difference. The donuts were thicker, lighter and fluffier.


Glazed Donuts

Oh Donuts, how I love you.

I am also determined to find a good recipe for Baked Donuts. I’m sure there is one out there, I’m going to keep baking until I find it.

Wish me luck!

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