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Baked Nutella Donuts

March 26, 2014

Ever since I started a Pinterest account (embarrassingly recently) I’ve been pinning tons of recipes for baked donuts.

Not long ago my Mom and I bought donut pans, so I was finally ready to make my first attempt at homemade donuts!



I invited my friend Badri over, we cracked open a bottle of wine, and got to measuring out the ingredients for our Nutella Donuts.


Badri Mixing

Badri was an excellent measurer.



Sugar, butter, Nutella.

Are those not the most beautiful ingredients ever?



Filling Donut trays with batter is not an easy, or beautiful, task.


Ugly Baked Donuts

Not as beautifully smooth as we were hoping, but man did they smell delicious!


Pretty Baked Donuts

And, if you flip them over you can hardly tell!

While the donuts were cooling we mixed together the frosting – More Nutella, more sugar. More happiness.



Badri icing like a champ.


Finished Donuts

Boom! Baked Nutella Donuts!


Nutella Donuts

We waited a too long to put the Sprinkles on and more ended up on the counter than the actual donuts…

Oh, and see the messy one on the middle right?


Cookie Spread

Ya, we iced it with this.


Decadent Cookie Spread

It looked horrible but it was even more delicious than the Nutella Frosting. Plus the sprinkles stuck better. So an all around win.



Never claimed to be a clean baker…



Once the donuts were all finished, we grabbed one Nutella Glazed Donut and one Cookie Spread Donut and tried them both. While the Nutella Glazed Donut was pretty awesome, the one topped with Cookie Spread was killer.

I believe this is the start of a beautiful friendship. I’m thinking a Classic Glazed Donut next…

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