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Day 3 in Naples

March 11, 2014

Thursday morning we woke up to grey skies.

Luckily the rain had not come yet and we were able to eat breakfast outside. I ordered the small fruit plate… It was ginormous.



Sam got Banana Pancakes and they were really, really good.

Pancakes > Fruit. Every time.


Lilly Pulitzer

After breakfast my Mom and I hit the shops while Sam and Murray decided to stay by the pool til the rain came.

First stop was Lilly Pulitzer, a Floridian favourite.


Change Room

Sooooo Floridian…



While we were shopping the storm hit full force. It was raining like crazy, and the power even went off while we were in Nordstrom! Good thing we were safe and sound inside šŸ˜‰



While we were waiting for the rain to die down I had fun trying on shoes. Oh to have all the money in the world for all the shoes in the world!

By the early afternoon we were all shopped out. The boys picked us up and we made our way to the movie theatre to see The Wolf of Wall Street.



This was no regular movie theatre.


Mini Cupcakes

There were amazing treats, real food, and even alcohol being served.



We stocked up on the necessities and went to find our seats.



Best movie theatre ever. The seats were so big and plush, perfect for a 3 hour movie!



By the time the movie ended the rain had stopped, so we walked around a bit before making our way to dinner.



We went to Trulucks for a delicious seafood dinner and watched the sun go down.



Not a bad end to a rainy day!



After dinner the waiter brought out the dessert tray, showing us our options. The tall square thing is the ‘Chocolate Box’, which is literally a box made of chocolate. Even though that sounded pretty awesome, I was intrigued by the S’more Pie.


S'more Pie

Chocolate Crumble Base, layers of Whipped Cream and Graham Crackers and more Chocolate, topped with Marshmallow Meringue.

This is definitely something I want to try making at home!


S'mores Pie

You can’t really tell from the photo, but it was ginormous.



But somehow we managed.

It may have been stormy but it was still a pretty awesome day!

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