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Holiday Baking Part 2

December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas Part 2!

And Happy (very belated) Hanukkah ūüėČ


Boyfriend Pillow

Since Cobi is moving to San Francisco in January for a few months, he thought it would be appropriate to get me a Boyfriend Pillow for Hanukkah.

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about it. Especially since he’s wearing a pink shirt.

We’ll be the very best of friends.


Dad's Tree

Early in December Cobi and I spent a weekend at my Dad’s, decorating his house and his tree for Christmas.

The tree was awesome, very full and about as wide at the base as it was tall!

You’ll notice most of the ornaments are at the top of the tree. This is because Dad’s yellow lab, Lizzie, has a bad habit of knocking things over.



The next weekend we were meant to head to my Mom’s for a weekend of holiday baking and decorating, but I was very sick and could hardly get out of bed. My diet consisted of Chloraseptic and pudding laced with crushed Tylenol.



Mom's Tree

The tree still got decorated without my helpful touch, and it looked pretty good! Not as good as if I had helped, of course,¬†but it’ll do.


Cookie Cup Batter

Saturday night my Mom and I decided to brave a Pinterest recipe.

We greased the bottoms of Cupcake tins and put Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on top.

Some of them we left just sitting on top, where others we moulded the dough over the sides, testing which method would yield better results.


Baked Cookie Cups

Both ways seemed to work pretty well, but the ones with thicker dough turned out the best.


Cookie Cup Fail

The biggest issue was trying to get the baked cups off the tins…


Cookie Cups

Eventually we realized that taking them off while they were still warm was the best, and we ended up with some pretty solid Cookie Cups!


Cookie Cup Sundaes

We filled the Cups with Peppermint Ice Cream and topped them with Caramel and Fudge sauce and a Cherry. They were awesome! Definitely not as pretty as the Pinterest versions, but nothing ever is.


Frozen Tree

Thankfully our Cookie Cups had finished baking before the power went out on Saturday night. And what better way to enjoy a blackout than eating Cookie Cup Ice Cream Sundaes by candlelight?


Frozen Branches

Luckily my Mom’s house has a generator so we still had some lights and heat, but Murray was not happy that he was unable to watch junior hockey… And the ice thwarted any chance for us to do more Christmas baking! Drat.


Fallen Trees

Cobi, my Mom and I had tickets to The Nutcracker on Sunday, but because of the storm, trees and power lines were down on our road, leaving us unable to go anywhere.



It was pretty and all, but what a pain!

Eventually we were able to make it back to the city on Sunday night, as I had to work the Monday before Christmas.



Monday night Cobi had to put together a Christmas gift for my cousin, as he was her Secret Santa.

He too perused Pinterest for ideas, and decided to make Cookies in a Jar!

I was excited to help because I’d never made them before, but he was adamant on doing it all himself.


Brown Sugar

He started with White Sugar and Brown Sugar, packing each layer down before adding the next.



He was very meticulous with each layer, making sure they were perfect.



After the Sugars came the mixture of Flour, Salt, Baking Powder and Baking Soda.



Next came Oats.


Cookies in a Jar

And finally he added Dried Cranberries and White Chocolate Chips, put the lid on and added a pretty piece of Twine.

I’m in love with this idea, it makes for such a pretty gift.


The morning of Christmas Eve Cobi and I drove to my Mom’s house to begin the festivities! After I made Challah for Thanksgiving this past year, my family insisted I make three loaves for Christmas Eve. Knowing it would at least 5 hours to make the three loaves we had to get to Palgrave bright and early to get started.

Cobi Spinkling

Cobi is the official salt sprinkler before I put the loaves in the oven, and he uses this as an excuse to tell people he made the Challah…

Sounds legit.



After the Challah was all baked and ready to go it was time to get fancy.

Christmas Eve is a black tie event in our family, so it’s fun to get all dressed up. And this was an extra special year because all the cousins were in town for Christmas Eve, which hasn’t happened for about 15 years!



The next morning we woke up and Santa had been!!


Eat Cake for Breakfast

This was one of my favourite gifts. It matches my mug!


Sleepy Pate

Unwrapping presents really tuckered this lil’ guy out.

Poor Pate.


Christmas Breakfast

He did manage to wake up long enough to enjoy a feast of Pirogies with Scrambled Eggs and Challah.

After breakfast we snuggled up on the sofa with champagne and watched a Christmas movie, then got all packed up to head to Dad’s in the afternoon.



We arrived at the Blue House to stocking stuffed full with delicious treats and awesome gifts!

We exchanged gifts and had an awesome dinner of Fondu and Raclette, with Chocolate Fondu for dessert.



The best part of the day was getting to try out all of the crazy American treats I bought for Sam in San Francisco!! The Oreo Dippers were awesome, so were the Pop Tarts, Cookie Butter and the Cookies N’ Creme cereal. The Peanut Butter Toast Crunch had such an intense flavour that it almost tasted like Ritz Crackers! I thought I was going crazy because I thought it tasted like cheese, so I got Sam to try it too and he agreed! Cobi thought we were both nuts, but that’s not unusual.

Overall it was a successful, delicious and very Merry Christmas. I hope yours was too!

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