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Breakfast Beignets and Mission Minis

November 26, 2013

Day 5 was the most delicious of all the days.

The rest of the group was heading to Alcatraz, but since Cobi and I had been before we decided to spend the day walking around town eating as much as we possibly could.


Cobi’s cousin Niki suggested we go to Brenda’s for breakfast, and after checking out the menu the night before we were sold. Who can say no to French soul food? Not me.



It was a very cool place located in the Tenderloin (what a great name, way better than ‘mid-town’!). There was a sign-in board where you give your name and the size of your party. It was busy but we got a table pretty quickly.



Niki said we had to try the Beignet’s so we ordered the Flight so we could try them all. Can’t say I was excited to have a Crawfish Beignet for breakfast, but I put on my brave face.



Can you guess which is the Crawfish?


Chocolate Beignets

The Plain was really good. But obviously the Donut stuffed with Ghirardelli Chocolate was the very best.


Apple Cinnamon Beignets

Although the Apple Cinnamon was good too!


Crawfish Beignets

And I’m not going to lie, the Crawfish was surprisingly delicious.

Though I didn’t waste more than a mouthful of space on it, not when there was chocolate to be eaten!


Granola Pancakes

Oh ya, and then I got THESE for Second Breakfast!

Granola Pancakes. Thick, dense, awesome. Covered in Icing Sugar and Syrup. And the fruit had a Vanilla Sugar drizzle of sorts. Just in case you thought I was making a healthy choice, I was not.

Cobi had Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict which was amazing, but I was too caught up in my Pancake goodness to take photos or care more than stealing a bite or two.

After we’d sufficiently stuffed ourselves we rolled out of Brenda’s and began our journey.

I had given Cobi a list of places I wanted to hit that day, and he mapped them out and created a route for us.


Tomato Sauce

First stop, Trader Joe’s!

Or, Trader Giotto’s if you’re buying something from their Italian Line…


Cookie Butter

Friends of mine have brought Cookie Butter home from their trips to the US and I knew I had to get me some of that.


Chocolate Cookie Butter

Then I saw the Cookie & Cocoa Swirl.




Next stop was Cako Cupcakes!


Cake Window Display

Cobi had seen them while he was here the week before and thought I’d like to try them.


Cako Cupcakes

They were nice and big but didn’t have a disgusting amount of frosting – my kind of cupcake.



I went for Tiramisu, Snickers, Cookies N’ Creme and Double Chocolate.

(FYI: I didn’t eat all the cupcakes written about in this post in one day – but I figured I’d write about what they were like as I go along to keep things organized. I actually didn’t eat any of them on Saturday, but Sunday morning as we were packing up! I had a little bite of each, two bites if they were really good.)


Cako Cupcakes

The Tiramisu was good, but a little soggy. The Snickers was awesome, my favourite of the four, but mine are still better 😉 Cookies N’ Creme and Double Chocolate were also good, I really liked the Chocolate frosting.

I know I’m not much of a frosting girl, but a really good Chocolate frosting will do it for me.



Next on the agenda was Mission Minis, another of Niki’s recommendations. She was batting a thousand so far so we trusted any of her suggestions. We walked from Cako which was in Union Square to the Mission, hoping to burn off some of our breakfast.

I have the Cupcake Apron on the right! It’s the apron Charlotte wore in the Sex and the City movie. Baking turns out way better if you look cute while doing it.


Mission Minis

The cupcakes look bigger in this photo than they actually were. They were teeny tiny and adorable.


Mission Minis Box

We got a box of 6 with a few different flavours to try.



Whoops. We were less gentle with these ones…

We got Aztec Chocolate, Honey Lavender, Peanut Butter, Meyer Lemon, Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla Bean. They were all delicious, but the Honey Lavender and Pumpkin Spice were my favourite.

After we picked up our Minis we made our way to the lunch spot Cobi picked out. I told him I wanted the best Burrito in the Mission, and he came up with Taqueria El Farolito. Niki said the dirtier the place looks, the better it is. This place was awesome. Cobi and I were still full from breakfast, so we decided to share a Pork Super Burrito. It was devastating not being able to finish the burrito because it was SO good, but we were so full!


Rainbow Wall Art

After lunch we walked around the Mission, looking for the wall art in the alleyways. We saw some really awesome art last time so we wanted to see what else we could find.


Tax the Rich

Wall Art

Colourful Wall Art

Very cool.


Santa the Hutt

As we were walking Cobi noticed a store called Betabrand and wanted to go in.

We were greeted by Santta the Hutt, posing erotically for you to take photos with.



Sons of Britches

The entire store was hilarious.

My favourite were the Dress Pant Sweatpants, for when you want to look fancy in a comfortable way.



Their DiscoLab line, “made from 100% Disconium”


Softness Scale

They had a scaling system to rate the softness of their fabrics. The sweaters on display in this particular section hit ‘Vagisoft’ on the Soft-O-Meter. Softer than the Pouch of a Cloud Kangaroo, but not quite as soft as the Womb of a Marshmallow Mermaid.

I think they just picked names that they wanted to be able to say to customers in a 100% serious voice.

“Can I help you pick out the right Vagisoft sweater for you today, Sir?”


As we started to make our way back North to meet the rest of the group we passed a Safeway, and I couldn’t help but stop in to check out the Cookie and Cereal aisles.

Sam Neumann, if you are reading this post (which I can bet anyone a million cookies he is not) please stop reading now or you will ruin Christmas.


Wall of Oreos

There was literally a wall of Oreos. In every flavour imaginable.

I couldn’t fit them all into one shot.


Oreo Dippers

Instead of buying a box of Oreos I bought a box of the Oreo Cookie Sticks n’ Creme Dip, because they looked way more fun.


Crazy Cookies

Next we perused the various Chips Ahoy options.

There were Brownie filled Cookies, Salted Caramel Chunk Cookies…


Caramel Cookies

Caramel filled Cookies, Reese’s filled Cookies, all the best things!

I decided to go to the Brownie filled Cookies because I love Brownies and I love Cookies.

I brought the box into work yesterday and they disappeared fast. I think I need to try baking Brownie-stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies on my own…



The cereals were also pretty ridiculous, but these were the two that really caught my eye. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch so I was interested in trying the Peanut Butter version. And who doesn’t want to eat cookies for breakfast?

Cobi and my logic was if it’s made with both Natural and Artificial flavours you know it’s going to be disgustingly good.



Does this not look like the very best Christmas present ever?!

A first year University student’s dream.

I hope Sam shares. With me.

At this point we were loaded down with loot and had already walked over 20km.


Tilted Streets

Who knew it was so hard to walk DOWN hill!?

Our feet sure were sore.


Ghirardelli Sign

What a beautiful sign!


Fat Crap

This sign made me laugh.

Walking closer I realized it said “EAT CRAB”…


Giant Tree

It was easy to locate the group down by the docks as they had located themselves by a giant Christmas Tree.

While Cobi and I were still stuffed, the others hadn’t eaten since breakfast. We walked through Fisherman’s Wharf and decided to stop at Boudin’s because the smell of Sourdough they were pumping into the streets was too good to walk past. And even though we were in no way hungry, Cobi and I still managed to split a small Crab & Corn Bisque in a Sourdough Bread bowl because, well… we couldn’t not… you know?


Twinkie Maker

Cobi had to stop at a Wallgreen’s after we ate to pick up some cold medicine and we found THIS!

If Twinkies ever do go out of business, hopefully the fine people of America with their Twinkie Makers help repopulate the grocery store shelves.



Hark! What is that in the distance! Ghirardelli Square? Why not!


Kara's Cupcakes

I couldn’t go all the way to San Francisco and not stop by Kara’s Cupcakes!


Kara's Cupcakes

Happy Turkeys for a Happy American Thanksgiving.

Jesse tried to convince them that ‘real’ Thanksgiving already happened…


Carrot and Chocolate

My two favourite flavours last time we came to Kara’s were the Kara’s Karrot and Chocolate. So obviously I had to get those two again, because stepping out of the box and trying new things is for suckers.

After we’d all gotten a treat at Kara’s we took the bus back to the house, put on our jammies and fell onto the sofa. Cobi and I had walked around 25km and we were exhausted!

Because we had such a late lunch no one was very hungry or willing to get up off the sofa and go out, we decided to just order in. We did some research and asked Mary for suggestions on the best pizza and came across Patxi’s Deep Dish Pizza. We ordered three different kinds and by the time they arrived we were all capable of throwing back a slice or two. It was really, really good. I love pizza, and I REALLY love deep dish pizza! It was even better for breakfast the next morning.

After we’d finished stuffing ourselves silly we all got to packing. Andy and Jesse’s flight was taking off at 6:30am and Tully’s at 9am so they were all out of the house early Sunday morning. Our flight didn’t leave until 3:45pm so we had some time to clean up, get organized, eat leftover pizza and cupcakes before hopping in the van and heading out.

It was such an amazing trip, I loved being able to share it with Andy, Jesse, and their families 🙂

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