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Manicures, Cake and Half Moon Bay

November 24, 2013

Day 3 we were all pretty sleepy, so we woke up late.

Caffe Del Sole

Instead of going to Ashley’s as we had the two previous mornings, we decided to venture further down the block to Caffé Del Sole. After we’d eaten our bagels and coffees Tully, Andy and I walked down the street to get our nails done. We sat in our vibrating massage chairs and they buffed, filed and polished us to perfection. After our nails had dried we started to head home to meet Andy’s mom as she was flying in that morning.



On our way home we passed a small convenience store that of course sold beer, wine and liquor, because America is awesome. We picked a beer with the best bottle and went on our way again.


Welcome Cake

When we got back to the house we opened our beers and got going on the Welcome Cake. It was delicious and very welcoming. Can’t say it looked very good when we were through with it…



Once Andy’s Mom made it to the house and had a moment to organize and unwind we decided to check out Half Moon Bay and have dinner on the water, watching the sun go down.



SF has good tunnels.


Tunnel Opening

It was the perfect day, no more rain in the forecast.


SF Hills

Our fingers were crossed that the weather stayed like this for the wedding! (Spoiler alert: it did!)


Half Moon Bay

We drove south along the water because the views were so amazing.



Just left of the point in the distance are the Mavericks, some of the biggest and best (and most dangerous) waves you can surf in San Francisco. Check out Chasing Mavericks on Netflix!



The sand was cold but felt nice.



This creature loved its free pedicure.


Half Moon Bay Sunset

Not a bad view.



The waves came up higher than we were anticipating, and the water was colder than we were anticipating!



We pulled up to Sam’s Chowder House just as the sun was setting.


Sam's Chowder House

Cobi’s cousin Niki suggested we come here in the early evening for the view and the amazing seafood.


Lobster Roll

Apparently their Lobster Roll was voted one of the Top 5 Sandwiches in the USA, so I had to try it! It was SO full of Lobster it was almost ridiculous. Very tasty!


Australian Treats

When we got back to the house we were all tired and full, so we put on the awesome Peter Alexander jammies that Andy’s Mom brought us from Australia, and found room in our bellies for delicious Australian treats! The Allen’s Strawberries and Cream candies were my favourite.


Every Burger

We also decided to try the Every Burger Chocolate Cookies which were surprisingly delicious!

After some snacks Tully and I went upstairs with Andy to practice her makeup for the wedding. To go with the curly 50’s hair we decided on the night before, we went with thick eyeliner, bold brows and red lips. She looked awesome once Tully and I figured out how to apply liquid liner!


Sharffen Berger Cake

Once we were satisfied with Andy’s wedding look we cleaned her up to keep it a surprise, went downstairs and tried the Sharffen Berger Chocolate Cake from Miette.

It was SO good! Definitely the best thing we got from there. It was insanely chocolatey but not overly rich.

San Francisco sure is delicious!!


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