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Christmas Comes Early

November 9, 2013

Cobi and I have both been very busy the last few weeks, so we were pretty excited to have a whole weekend ahead of us with nothing planned.

Decadent Pancake Mix

We slept late and made a healthy breakfast of Decadent Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Bacon…


Pancakes & Bacon

I’ve written about these pancakes before, they are phenomenal. They are basically little Chocolate Cake discs that are somehow appropriate breakfast food. Amazing.

While we were eating our well rounded breakfast, Cobi said he had a Christmas movie that we could watch. Anyone who knows me knows I get excited for Christmas around September, so I was game!

Note to all boys out there: Just because Rocky fights Ivan Drago on Christmas does NOT make Rocky IV a Christmas movie… Die Hard is also not a Christmas movie, which happened to be the second ‘Christmas’ movie Cobi chose. I vetoed it right quick and we turned on Arthur Christmas. Much better.

Anyway, since we’re on the topic of Christmas I may as well show you the amazing Christmas craft I did with my Mom and my friend Sophie last weekend!!

As is typical for a young couple living in Toronto, our apartment is a shoebox. We love our cozy little home, but I do wish we had space for a Christmas tree! Seeing as we’re not moving to a bigger place any time soon, I had to get creative.


Time to craft!

Felt Tree

First we cut out a tree shape from green felt and lined it with cotton fibre to give it a little more substance.

Next came the fun part: Ornaments!!

We had all different colours of felt, ribbon, jewels, everything needed to make pretty ornaments.


I started off pretty simple, Birds, Gingerbread Men and Baubles.



Then we started getting a little more creative!


Gingerbread Man

We also got a little silly… My mom thought the jewel eyes made the Gingerbread Man look a little Zombie-esqu, so she added horns to finish the look. Which I swiftly removed.

OrnamentsI love how the ornaments turned out! My favourites were the Snowman and the Penguin.

We stuck velcro discs on the backs of the ornaments so I could add and remove them, decorating and redecorating the tree as many times as I wished!!

After Sophie and I went back to the city my mom kept on crafting, but moved away from the more classical ornaments…



The woman sure loves her shoes.

Even her ugly Roger Viviers.

Felt Christmas Tree

What a beautiful tree!! I even added a sparkly Star of David for Cobi 😉

Soon we’ll hang this bad boy on the big empty wall above the sofa and it’ll bring some major Christmas cheer to our little shoebox home!

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  1. Theresa permalink
    November 11, 2013 2:43 pm

    Very cute babe!

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