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Treat Bars and Chocolate Chip Pancakes

September 29, 2013

What a weekend it’s been!

I’m going to split it into two blog posts because there was just too much deliciousness to fit into one.

I had some baking to do this weekend so I invited my friend Stacey over to give me a hand.

She mentioned she had a ‘weekend friend’ and asked if she could bring her along, I was pretty excited when she and Sophie walked through the door!



Definitely the cutest baking partner I’ve ever had.


Decadent Pancake Mix

Stacey and I have been meaning to have a pancake date for awhile now, so finding this Decadent Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix was perfect!

I thought they’d just be regular pancakes with Chocolate Chips in the mix…


Decadent Pancakes

The actual pancakes were Chocolate!! They were so big and fluffy and chocolatey, it was like eating cake for breakfast.

My favourite.


Pancake Toppings

We had lots of topping options, the Raspberry Jam was definitely the best. With Maple Syrup too, of course.

By the time we made the pancakes, ate the pancakes, digested the pancakes, chatted, and took Sophie for a walk, Stacey had to head out.  So my baking helpers left and I was stuck by myself. Good thing I had a super simple (but super delicious) recipe in mind.



First step: Whip up some Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar dough but leave out the Chocolate Chips. Instead, fill the batter with a box of crushed up Oreos!


Oreo Cookie Batter

That’s some good looking batter.

But it’s a little plain…



Let’s add some colour, shall we?


M&M Layer

Much better!


M&Ms Layer

Once they came out of the oven it was torture waiting for them to cool!


M&M Oreo Cookie Bars

These are definitely being added to my Favourite Treats list.


M&M Oreo Cookie Bars

They’re so easy and SO delicious!

Good thing I made two batches, the first batch disappeared rather quickly…

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  1. Harold permalink
    September 29, 2013 7:01 pm

    Sophie is the cutest baking partner ever 🙂 …

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