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Chocolate Chip Bacon Banana Bread

September 21, 2013

Ya. You read that right.

Chocolate Chip Bacon Banana Bread.

Cobi is verrrry picky about his bananas; the moment they get a hint of brown he refuses to eat them. We were building up quite a collection of browning bananas, so I threw them in the freezer thinking I’d bake Banana Bread at some point.

Weeks pass.

Thursday evening I was looking up dinner recipes, hoping to use up the package of bacon sitting in our fridge. I didn’t see anything that really jumped out at me, until I found Bacon Banana Bread. SOLD!

(Not dinner, but who cares. Treats are way more important.)


Mashed Banana

I love bananas and Banana Bread, but let’s be honest, making Banana Bread is kind of gross.

Appetizing, no?



Mmmm that’s much better!


Chocolate Chip Bacon Banana Bread Batter

I chopped up the Bacon and mixed it into the batter, along with a ton of Chocolate Chips.


Banana Bread

There were some Chocolate Chips left over, so I sprinkled some over top of the loaves.

My original thought was to candy some of the bacon and maybe cover it in chocolate to sprinkle over the loaves, but I snacked a little too much during the baking process, so my bacon supply was a tad diminished… Oops.


Chocolate Chip Bacon Banana Bread

I don’t think it mattered, the loaves looked and smelled amazing!

One loaf went to one of Cobi’s business partners as it was his birthday yesterday, and the other came to the office with me. That was the fastest I’ve ever seen a loaf of Banana Bread disappear… I think it was a success.

Note to self, add bacon to everything.

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