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Lauren & Aaron’s Wedding – Revisited

August 31, 2013


Lauren and Aaron’s wedding photos are in, and there are some great ones of the cupcake table (and some other stuff) that I really wanted to share!

(Big Ups to Sam Obeid Photography, they did such an amazing job with all the photos)



The groom’s cufflinks are awesome. Smarties are awesome. This photo is awesome.


Smartie Rings

Wedding bands full of Smarties? I think this photographer is my spirit animal.


Buffing Shoes

Cobi was such a great Best Man, buffing Aaron’s shoes like a champ.

(Please note the fabulous socks on Cobi’s fabulous feet)



“So… Does anyone actually know how to tie a bowtie?”


Tying Bowties

“Seriously, how the hell do these work?”


Tying Bowties

Don’t worry guys, I got this.



Tying Bowties

Tall grooms are the worst.



Cobi, you are my favourite.


BM and MOH

“Here I am, World. You’re welcome.”

What a treat.


Cupcake Table

Now for the good stuff!


Wedding CupcakesCupcakes

Note that the Ferris Wheel cupcake stand is empty, these photos were from when the kitchen staff lost two flavours of cupcakes and I had a (mild) panic attack.


Wedding Cupcake Stand

Hoorah! All flavours were located!


Wedding CupcakesFerris Wheel Cupcakes Ferris Wheel Cupcake Stand

Camera photos are way better than iPhone photos.


Cake Pops Candy Table

I wish I’d gotten to try a Macaron or a Cake Pop! They looked amazing.


Wedding Party

What a fabulous wedding for a fabulous couple 🙂

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