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Ultimate Cinnamon Buns

August 19, 2013

Remember those super ridiculous looking cinnamon buns I made a few weekends ago?

I decided to give them another shot.

But this time, I went a liiiittle bit overboard.


Brown Sugar and Butter

It all started off the same, with a dish full of Butter and Brown Sugar.

What a great way to start anything.


Nutella and Chocolate Chips

Then I spread some butter on the Crescent rolls, but instead of sprinkling Cinnamon and Sugar I spread some Nutella and sprinkled Chocolate Chips!


Ultimate Cinnamon Buns

Oh ya. That’s the stuff.


Ultimate Cinnamon Buns

Okay those look WAY better than last time!

They probably could have stayed in the oven for another few minutes, but I was too impatient and wanted to eat them immediately.


Oreo Glaze

Because a regular glaze would be boring, I smashed up some Oreos and added them in.


Oreo Glaze

This is just getting better and better.


Ultimate Cinnamon Buns

If you want my honest opinion I’d say they were a bit… much (if you can believe it). But delicious nonetheless.


Ultimate Cinnamon Buns

How can you go wrong with Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, Butter, Brown Sugar, Nutella, Chocolate Chips, Icing Sugar and Oreos?

That’s right.

You can’t.

Happy Monday 🙂

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