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Homemade Challah

August 4, 2013

I’ve learned to bake something new that I’m SO excited about!!

Cobi’s cousin Ronit makes the best Challah I have ever had in my life. That’s just a cold hard fact.

When she and her husband decided to move with their family to Kelowna, we were all devastated to see them go, but also devastated to see the Challah go!

I asked very, very nicely if I could learn the secret to her Magic Challah, and she happily obliged.

I needed to move quickly and fit a lesson in before they moved, so a few weekends ago I went to her house to learn all her secrets!

Braided Dough

First Ronit made a loaf to show me how it was done.


Braided Dough

Hers was perfect, I was very impressed.



I want mine to look like this!

Then it was my turn.

She and I made the dough together, but because it takes such a long time to rise I took it home with me to finish up on my own.


Rising Dough

I brought the dough to the cottage after the lesson to finish rising and (hopefully) manage the rest myself.


Braided Dough

Once the dough had risen, I split it up and braided it.


Raised Braided Dough

Then I let it sit and raise some more. Man does it get big! Mmmm.



I didn’t have Sesame Seeds, but I was still pretty impressed with how it turned out!! Now, Ronit did help a lot with the preparation of the bread, so I had to try it on my own to see if I could figure it out.



Yesterday Cobi and I were up at the cottage on our own, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to give the Challah a try by myself. I had to go out and buy yeast as I’ve never made my own bread products before.



First step was to add the yeast into some warm water and let it rise. It sure got big and fluffy!


Challah Dough

I added the yeast mixture into the dry ingredients, added some eggs and oil and let it mix. This is the first time I’ve had to use the hook attachment on my Kitchen Aid! Exciting days.


Challah Dough

Once I’d gotten the dough to the perfect consistency (I think… does it look right, Ronit??) it was time to let it rise.


Challah Dough

I let it rise for an hour, punched it down and kneaded it a little, then let it rise for another hour.


Challah Dough

After the second hour of more rising I separated the dough into the six pieces to braid.


Braided Challah Dough

Once it was braided I let it rise for a third time, for 30 minutes.


Braided Challah Dough

So much rising, but man does it make for delicious Challah!


Cobi Sprinkling

Cobi decided it would be a fantastic idea to sprinkle coarse salt over the dough. Because I’d forgotten to pick up Sesame Seeds (again) I figured it would be fun to try.


Coarse Salt and Egg Wash

I brushed on an egg wash and Cobi sprinkled the salt and we tossed it into the oven.



Yummmmm Pretzel Challah!



It sure takes a long time to prepare but once it’s done it brings happiness and joy to everyone.



Fresh Challah right out of the oven sure doesn’t last! It disappeared in record time, so I think I’m going to have to make another one tomorrow.

Thank you Ronit for sharing the secrets to your Magic Challah! It will never be as good as yours, but I’ll keep trying to perfect my version and do you proud 🙂

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