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August 3, 2013

I’m pretty willing to try any treat, but when a friend of mine suggested I try out a Gluten Free bakery, I wasn’t convinced.


I’ve had a few Gluten Free treats before and I find them to be really dry and not so tasty. My friend Ramsey insisted that Bunner’s Bakery was delicious even though it was gluten free, so finally I agreed to join him on a Bunner’s visit. Mostly I just loved the name…


Cinnamon Bun

I’d done some sleuthing online before I went, and I knew I wanted to try a Cinnamon Bun and a Cupcake, and maybe a Brownie!


Bunner's Menu

We ended up grabbing a Cinnamon Bun, a Double Chocolate Cupcake and a Raspberry Crumble Square, but they didn’t have any Brownies left! I need to go back early in the morning on a weekend when everything is fresh and they’re fully stocked.



We took our box of deliciousness, went to a pub, grabbed some drinks and dug in!


Cinnamon Roll

We started with the Cinnamon Bun because it was the one I was most excited about. I’d heard it was a top seller and I needed to find out for myself.


Cinnamon Roll

I was pretty impressed. I bet it would be simply unreal if it were warm and fresh, but even after a day of sitting in the display window it was still gooey, cinnamon-y and topped with lots of delicious frosting!


Double Chocolate Cupcake

Next we tried the Double Chocolate Cupcake. This one I was a bit wary of because all Gluten Free cupcakes I’ve ever had have been super dry. This one was certainly a bit more dry/dense than a regular cupcake, but it was surprisingly delicious. It was SO chocolatey and had the perfect amount of frosting. Not bad at all. I’d like to try the other flavours they have too.


Raspberry Crumble Square

Last we tried the Raspberry Crumble Square. This was the most disappointing of the three as it wasn’t very crumbly. I wonder if it would have been better fresh? The flavour was good, but the texture wasn’t what we were expecting. Nothing crumbly about it. But still yummy!


Bunner's Bakery

Overall I was really impressed with Bunner’s! I can’t wait to go back early one weekend and try all these delicious treats fresh.

Thank you Ramsey for introducing me to Bunner’s, I take back what I said about all Gluten Free treats being gross…


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