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Cupcakes, Ice Cream Sandwiches and More Cupcakes

July 30, 2013

The last few days have been fantastic. And delicious. Fantastically delicious.

When I baked the Chocolate Bar Cupcakes for a customer on Thursday I made sure to make extras for myself and the office. But once the weekend came I was sad there were no more treats left.

Thank goodness for Lauren!!

Lauren received an epic wedding gift from the infamous Sam Barr (owner of the Cupcake Ferris Wheel): a Cupcake Carousel!! So obviously she had to show it off at work, meaning she had to make cupcakes to fill it. And much to my delight there were leftovers that she brought up to the cottage! Happy days.


Sprinkles make everything better.



Sadly Aaron does not agree with this statement, and he felt the need to turn the cupcake upside down before taking a bite.




I think the concern on his face is because he regrets shaking all the sprinkles off. It’s the only logical explanation.

We figured the plate of cupcakes would last us the entire weekend – how silly of us. After about 30 seconds all the cupcakes were gone, so we needed a new treat for Saturday night.


Mint Chip Ice Cream

Enter Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies and Mint Chip Ice Cream!!


Ice Cream Sandwich

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies are great, but there’s something special about Pillsbury cookies fresh out of the oven. Especially when two cookies are lovingly cuddling some tasty Mint Chip Ice Cream!

When there are no cupcakes to be had, these are a fantastic option.

Seeing as I’ve been on a bit of a cupcake kick lately, I figured I’d make cupcakes for a coworker’s birthday. His birthday was yesterday but he was sneaky and didn’t tell anyone, so he gets delayed birthday treats.


Donut Cupcakes

I made Glazed Donut Cupcakes for the Inglewood Market a few years ago and I loved them, and I have no idea why I haven’t made them since.


Donut Cupcakes

I’ve been meaning to make them again for awhile, and seeing as I already had all the ingredients in my cupboard the decision of what to make for Reagan’s birthday was easy!



The batter was dense and full of spices. Perfect for Donut Cupcakes.

While they were baking I made the glaze.


Donut Cupcakes

When the cupcakes were mostly cooled I dipped each one in the glaze.


Donut Cupcakes

I let the first layer of glaze harden then dipped them again. One layer of glaze is never enough. And that’s a fact.

Hope you enjoyed the Glazed Donut Cupcakes Reagan, Happy Birthday!

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