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Cinnamon Buns

June 30, 2013

A few weeks ago I saw a recipe online for Cinnamon Buns made with Pillsbury Crescents and I couldn’t resist giving it a try last night!


Butter & Brown Sugar

The first step (and the best way to start off any dessert, if you ask me) was to fill the bottom of a pie plate with butter and brown sugar.


Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Then it was time to prepare the Crescents. I unrolled the pastry on a cookie sheet and made sure all of the pieces were connected and there were no holes. I didn’t want any cinnamon and sugar escaping.


Buttered Crescents

Next I slathered the whole thing in butter.

See those butter pockets?

Oh ya. That’s the stuff.


Sugar and Cinnamon

Next I sprinkled a metric tonne of sugar and cinnamon over the butter.

You may or may not get diabetes from just looking at the photos… I take no responsibility.


Cinnamon Rolls

I rolled up the buttered sugared mass of awesome and cut it into pieces. Then I placed the rolls in the pan filled with butter and brown sugar and tossed them in the oven.


Cinnamon Buns

Now, some people may look at these and say “Hey Cosi. Those look like the saddest Cinnamon Buns I’ve ever seen. How embarrassing for you.”


Cinnamon Buns

Well, yes. I may have used a pie plate that was a little too big which may have resulted in the Cinnamon Buns expanding too far outward, looking more like Cinnamon Puddles than Buns.


Cinnamon Buns

But what this ‘mistake’ did result in is Cinnamon Puddles that were pretty much pure sugar. Because the Buns spread out instead of puffing up, each bun soaked up a ton of the Butter and Brown Sugar mixture. Half the bun was just caramelized goodness, while the top was doused in a Vanilla Glaze.

It was the most delicious mistake I have ever made.

I need to make mistakes like this more often.



As I’m sure you can imagine, I didn’t feel top notch after eating the Sugar Puddle. Luckily for me this morning Cobi and I went on a 3-hour hike with our friend Jaime, who is training to hike Mount Kilimanjaro in August. I’ve blogged before about Jaime and his training, it was really nice being able to join him for another hike before he ships out.



Jaime happened to be up at his Uncle’s cottage on Lake Simcoe so it was a perfect opportunity to fit another hike in. We met at the start of a rail trail and planned on hiking an hour and a half out then turn around and hike back.


End Of Hike

At just over an hour and fifteen minutes, however, our hike was cut short when we encountered a pretty significant break in the trail.




Cobi and Jaime seriously considered jumping over, but in the end they figured they may not quite make the giant gap, and no one wants to hike in wet boots. I’m just glad they dropped the idea of throwing me across.

We ended up hiking for just under 3 hours, covering 14km. That definitely more than made up for the Cinnamon Puddle! I may even be able to justify a small (large, let’s be real) handful of Gummy Bears right now… Mmmm.

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