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Lauren and Aaron’s Wedding

June 24, 2013

This post is a very special one, dedicated to two very special people

This past weekend two of Cobi’s closest friends, Aaron and Lauren, got married.

Cobi has known Aaron for 14 years, they went to high school and University together and continue to work together. Aaron met Lauren close to 11 years ago, in their first year at Queen’s. I had the pleasure of meeting Aaron and Lauren 4 and a half years ago, and even though I’ve known them for a short time compared to Cobi, I quickly learned how amazing the two of them are.

A few months ago they asked me if I’d make the cupcakes for their wedding and I jumped at the chance to help them out in any way I could.

The wedding was to be at Taboo Resort in Gravenhurst, and the chalet we were staying in had a full kitchen so the four of us decided to head up the Thursday before the wedding to do some last minute organizing and lots of baking.



I was feeling the stress leading up to Thursday while trying to organize all my baking ingredients and materials.



Luckily Cobi was a huge help, reminding me there were grocery stores and even a Bulk Barn less than 10 minutes away from the resort if I did happen to forget anything. He also reminded me that one of my major reasons for stress when doing wedding cupcakes is transporting them safely to the location, and since we’d be baking up at the resort that stress was non-existent.



When we arrived at our chalet I was feeling pretty good. The fridge was large and the oven looked trustworthy.



Plus I had WAY more counter space here than at home!!



While I was getting organized and figuring out my baking plan, Cobi unpacked my ingredients and had me all set up ready to go.

Seriously, it was the most organized I have ever been while baking, everything was within arm’s reach but still out of the way. It was awesome.


Gluten Free Chai Mix

Once fully organized with my 2 mixers, 3 spatulas and 5 baking trays, it was time to get started. Aaron and Lauren warned me there would be a few Celiac guests and a Gluten-Free option would be appreciated. I looked into GF baking from scratch, but the list of special ingredients was so long and I knew I’d rarely (if ever) use them again so I decided to go with a mix.


Gluten Free Chai Cupcakes

The mix tasted great and the finished cupcakes smelled even better!

1 flavour down, 4 to go.


S'more Batter

Next I decided to make the S’more cupcakes because they had a lot of steps and take quite a bit of time to finish.

While Cobi was lining cupcake trays I made the Graham Cracker and Chocolate Batters.


Graham Cracker Crumb Mixture

When the two batters were ready I put together a Butter, Brown Sugar and Graham Cracker Crumb mixture.

Time for the fun!


Graham Cracker Batter

First step was to fill the bottom of the liners with the Graham Cracker batter.


Graham Cracker Mixture

Next I sprinkled some of the Graham Cracker mixture on top.




Then came the Marshmallows, thank you Aaron for cutting them all in half for me!


Chocolate Batter

Next I topped the Marshmallow with the Chocolate Batter,


Graham Cracker Crumb Mixture

And to finish it all off I sprinkled more of the Graham Cracker mixture on top!

Lots of steps but totally worth it.


S'more Cupcakes

I mean just look at these!! Definitely one of my favourite cupcakes ever.


Chocolate Chip Banana Batter

The third flavour picked by Lauren and Aaron was Chocolate Chip Banana.

Mushing the bananas was very cathartic…


Chocolate Chip Banana Cupcakes

These were so full of Chocolate Chips there was hardly any room for the Banana goodness!

By this time the chalet was smelling pretty amazing.


Chocolate Cupcakes

These next cupcakes I was pretty excited about. Lauren wanted a Salted Caramel cupcake which I had never tried making before (and I have no idea why!) so I had fun coming up with a plan.

Lauren and Aaron are chocolate fans so I figured I’d go with a Salted Chocolate cupcake!


Vanilla Batter

Last (but not least) came Vanilla. Lauren thought my Pie cupcakes were really cute and wanted them included in the lineup, and I was more than happy to oblige.


Finished Cupcakes

Et voila! 5 flavours, 135 cupcakes, and one very tired baker.

But the fun had only just begun.

Time to frost!

My plan was to frost at least one flavour, maybe even two that night and finish the rest the next day. Unfortunately, while I was getting all my frosting materials organized I realized I forgot my Wilton 1M frosting tip!! For those of you who don’t know, the 1M tip is THE tip. It’s the one that makes the really pretty swirly frosting. Basically, I was lost without it. At this point it was just after midnight, I was sleepy and I wasn’t really sure what to do. Lauren ran out to the 24-hour Sobey’s but unfortunately they didn’t have anything that would work.


Gluten Free Chai Cupcakes

I’ve used the Wilton 199 tip to frost cupcakes before, but I’m not the biggest of how it looks. It’s not perfect.

Everyone said they looked fine, but I wasn’t convinced. They had to be perfect.

Finally I came to terms with the fact that I couldn’t do any frosting that night (at least, any that I would be happy with) and had to run to Bulk Barn the next morning to try to find the right tip.

Deep down I was happy for an excuse to close up shop for the night and relax.


Wilton 1M Tip

The next morning Cobi and I were up early to fit a run in (I wanted to counteract all the cupcakes I’d be eating in advance!) and then we whipped to Bulk Barn right when it opened and SUCCESS!! I found the Wilton 1M tip! Phew. Crisis avoided. Back to icing.

I decided to leave the Chai cupcakes as is, as Cobi convinced me that having some variety in the frosting would be good. Plus I looked back at photos from Christie and Brian’s wedding where I also used the 199 tip to frost some of the cupcakes, and I liked how they looked.

Sometimes you need to wipe the frosting from your eyes to get a better view 😉


Chocolate Chip Banana Cupcakes

I decided to start the day off by icing the Chocolate Chip Banana Cupcakes. I made a thick, rich chocolate frosting and topped each Cupcake with a Chocolate Chip.


Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Next came the Salted Caramel Cupcakes. I topped the Chocolate Batter with a Caramel Frosting, drizzled more Caramel Sauce on top then sprinkled Sea Salt for the finishing touch. These were definitely the cupcakes I was most excited to try!!


Finished Cupcakes

While I was finishing up the Salted Caramel Cupcakes Cobi was placing Marshmallows on top of each S’more Cupcake, and he even made the Chocolate Drizzle! Though I didn’t trust him enough to do the actual drizzling… But don’t tell him I said so.


Vanilla Frosting

Finally it was time to ice the Vanilla ‘Pies’. These take the most time so I saved them for last.

The Vanilla batter I used makes nice flat cupcakes which is perfect for the Pies.

First step was to spread some frosting on each cupcake.



Next I sprinkled Smarties on top of each cupcake as the ‘filling’.

Thank you Cobi for painstakingly separating each colour from the giant Bulk Barn bag!!


The mixed colours are my favourite. Next time I’ll definitely have to do more mixing!


Pie Cupcakes

After each cupcake was covered in Smarties I ‘laced’ the pies the created the ‘crust’ with more icing. The frosting didn’t quite hold the shape I was hoping for, but they still looked cute!

With all the cupcakes baked and frosted, it was time to make the Giant Cupcake. Being Chocolate lovers, I went with a Chocolate cake with Vanilla frosting.


Giant Cupcake

Pink was a major theme in the wedding, appearing brightly on the wedding invitations and in the Bride’s bouquet, so I wanted to include it in the cake. I really liked how the giant cupcake turned out at Alan and Julia’s wedding so I did the same design here, but added more colourful accents than last time.


Giant Cupcake

I love the colours!! I was really happy with how it turned out.


Finished Cupcakes

It was mid-afternoon on Friday and the Cupcakes and Cake were finished!! I was quite a happy camper.

Later that afternoon was a rehearsal and a dinner so I was happy to be done.


Finished Cupcakes

On our way to the dinner we packed up all the cupcakes in boxes and had some hotel employees pick us (and the cupcakes) up on golf carts and drive us to the kitchen. With the cupcakes safely in the hands of the hotel I was free to relax and have a good time! Too bad the wedding party was only getting started with their duties…



The rehearsal ran smoothly, everyone learned where they needed to stand and at what pace they needed to walk down the aisle.



Though apparently Aaron wasn’t taking things seriously.

Let’s take another look at Lauren’s face…



Aaron, quit horsing around. This is serious. Even if you’re in sandals.

Dinner after the rehearsal was really fun, there were sliders and grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit tarts and the wine was flowing. Great way to officially kick off the Wedding Weekend!


Boys in Tuxes

When we got back to the chalet that night, 2 of 3 groomsmen came over as Lauren went off to sleep with her bridesmaids. I got the boys to try on their tuxes to make sure everything fit and they had everything they needed. They practiced standing for awhile…

Each groomsman had a different pink pocket square and they were all awesome. They sure looked dapper!


The next morning while the girls were up early getting pretty the boys had a bit of a sleep-in. Kathleen, the wife of one of the groomsmen, came over to give me a hand getting the boys fed and organized. The photographer showed up around 11am to take pictures of the groom and his men getting ready, and after some turkey subs (thank goodness no one spilled!) the group went outside to take more pictures. I followed along behind with a box of sunscreen, water, extra subs and other snacks.


Groomsmen Photos

Luckily the rain held off all day and they managed to get some really great pictures by the water.


Groomsmen Photos

The dock photos were my favourite.

The photos were pretty perfect for Lauren and Aaron as they’re cottage people.



After a few more shots with just the boys it was time for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time.

Jenna, Lauren’s Maid of Honour/Sister/Self-Proclaimed Best Friend (and actual real-life best friend), helped Lauren down the steps into a wooded area where Aaron was waiting. Very romantic.

After lots of beautiful photos it was time for the main event.



I grabbed a seat with a few friends (right on the aisle so I’d have a good view!) and got my camera ready.

(Bear with me, just a few more non-treat related photos before we get back to the sweet stuff!)


Best Man

Here’s Best Man Cobi strutting his stuff while Groom Aaron waits patiently for his turn.



And the beautiful Bride in her beautiful dress (thanks for looking right into the camera, Lauren!!)




I loved her dress. She’s got a Pippa Middleton thing going on here, if you know what I mean.



The ceremony was beautiful, and Cobi was relieved he managed to get the rings from the chalet to the couples’ fingers with no mishaps!

Okay, back to the yummy stuff.

After the ceremony I was asked to come help set up the cupcakes, where I noticed two flavours were completely missing! Thankfully the kitchen staff located the errant treats and my calm was restored.


Cupcake Table

We had two matching cupcake stands, two mismatching cupcake stands, and one Ferris Wheel cupcake stand (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I NEED that stand!!). I loved the setup, it looked amazing. Thank you Alexis and Tom for helping with that!



After some drinks and appetizers we all filed inside and waited for the newlyweds to be announced. The wedding party came in first followed by the Bride and Groom, and it was time for the Hora! Aaron wouldn’t let Lauren practice the day before, he wanted her to be completely surprised as she was hoisted into the air. Not that it would be any less surprising after one teeny practice round…


Bride and Groom

During dinner there were speeches by the Best Man, Maid of Honour, Groom’s sister, and the parents. And I have to say, every speech was amazing! Especially those Beaton women, good grief do you know how to work a crowd (to tears).


Best Man

I may be biased, but I thought Cobi’s speech was the very best and I also thought he was the most handsome. But again, I could be biased. Or it was the wine talking, as there were a lot of toasts…


Cupcake Table

After dinner it was finally time for Cupcakes!


Pie and Salted Caramel Cupcakes

I couldn’t wait to try one (or many).


Salted Caramel and S'more Cupcakes

I made sure to grab a S’more and a Salted Caramel which I shared with Cobi. Both were delicious but man the Salted Caramel was amazing, if I do say so myself. Something about large amounts of salt and sugar, you just can’t go wrong.


Gluten Free Chai Cupcakes

The Chai seemed popular amongst the Gluten Free folk. I didn’t try one as I didn’t want to take any of the already-limited treats away from those who needed them, but people assured me they were tasty.


Pie and Salted Caramel Cupcakes

The Pies got a little bumped and bruised during the unpacking process, but most of them stood up well, and they’re always a crowd pleaser.


S'more and Chocolate Chip Banana Cupcakes

Surprisingly I got a TON of compliments about the Chocolate Chip Banana cupcakes! I know a lot of people who aren’t fans of Banana so I didn’t think it would be too popular, but I was wrong. There were only a couple left at the end of the night!


Giant Cupcake

The cake also got a little bumped, but we turned the smudged side to the back and it looked just fine.


First Dance

I need to include a photo of the couples’ first dance, just to have documented proof that Aaron can in fact dance.

Now you have NO excuse next time you find yourself on a dance floor!


Cutting the Giant Cupcake

Cake cutting time!


Cutting the Giant Cupcake

Just the cutest.



Now that looks like the face of a guy who is enjoying his Salted Caramel CosiCake!!

And can we all take a moment to admire his fabulous suspenders?



After an excess amount of treats it was time to work it all off on the dance floor. I spy a bride, two bridesmaids, a best man and the head of a blonde, braided baker!

(Julia, in case this photo looks familiar I stole it from your Facebook album! I borrowed another photo as well, can you figure out which one?)


Congratulations, L-Beats and A-Lazer. Your wedding was almost as wonderful as the two of you are, and I’m so happy I could be a part of it.

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