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Birthdays and Father’s Day

June 18, 2013

This past weekend was jam-packed with family fun!

Saturday morning we woke up early to help Cobi’s brother Jesse set up his pop-up shop at the Higher Ground Coffee Co in Belfountain. Jesse’s company is called AndWhat Apparel and he designs awesome t-shirts, sweaters and stickers, it was cool to see him in action.

It was such a beautiful day so Cobi and I decided to go for a hike around the Ski Club. Those hills certainly seem steeper when you’re walking up them…

After a long hike we made our way to Inglewood for my Opa’s 75th birthday party. It was really fun, Opa’s sister (Veronika) surprised us by flying in from Germany, and Omi’s sister (Madi) came from Florida to help celebrate. I hadn’t seen either in quite awhile, and cousins of my Dad’s who I haven’t seen for years were there too, it was a lovely afternoon!



It was a perfect day for a party, the sun was out and it was nice and warm.



After a ton of food we brought out the cake, Angel Food Cake covered in homemade whipped cream and lots of fruit! The Birthday Boy seemed pleased.


Fruit Glaze

Vroni knew I was a baker, so she had brought me little packages from Germany! These two are glaze mixes for fruit tarts, one is red and one is clear.


Baking Materials

This would have been perfect for the dessert, you add it to Whipped Cream and it helps the cream last and keep it’s shape, not get too runny.


Baking Powder & Vanilla Sugar

And these are packages of Baking Powder and Vanilla Sugar. I’m excited about the Vanilla Sugar, I was talking to Cobi’s mom recently about making some ourselves and using it in Chocolate Chip Cookies!

After Opa’s Birthday afternoon Cobi and I had to head back to the city for his Grandmother’s 90th birthday. We went to a great Japanese restaurant called Akasaka where they prepare the food in front of you and perform cool culinary tricks. Lots of lighting food on fire, in a delicious way.


After dinner I hopped back in the car and made by way back to Inglewood to spend Father’s Day with my Poppa!

The next morning, after a healthy breakfast of Jam and Nutella Turnovers, we took the pups for a walk. My friends Sophie and Steve were also up for the day with Ethel, their Burnese Mountain Dog.


As we were walking back to the house, we passed the neighbours out doing work with their bear in tow. This monster is Tom, a big snuggly Newfie. Liz looked teenytiny sitting next to him!



Ethel was pooped after the walk, but still managed to remain a prim and proper little lady.

While we were getting ready for dinner, I decided to get down to some baking.


Brownie Layer

As you may remember from a recent post, I tried making Chocolate Caramel Brownies for my friend Robin’s birthday and they turned out… well, less than perfect. So I decided to give them another go, to prove I’m not a major loser.


Caramel Layer

So far so good…


Chocolate Caramel Brownie Batter

Now to pop them in the oven and hope for the best…


Chocolate Caramel Brownies

Success! Not a burn in sight.


Chocolate Caramel Brownies

Now this is what they should have looked like last time!

While the brownies cooled we watched some golf while eating Lamb Burgers, then enjoyed the delicious Caramel treats while watching Cool Runnings. Not a bad way to spend Father’s Day 🙂

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