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June 14, 2013

I have found the best cupcakes in the city.

They are glorious.

Light, moist, not too much frosting, simple.

Has anyone been to Bakerbots? It’s located at 205 Delaware Ave, right by Ossington Station. It’s incredible.

This week Cobi’s brother Jesse and his fiancée Andy are in town for a quick visit, and last night after a delicious dinner at Guu on Bloor we moseyed on over the Bakerbots, as we were told the ice cream was not to be missed.

It’s the cutest little storefront just off Bloor street with very limited seating. If I’ve learned anything from The Burger’s Priest it’s that limited seating means the food is excellent. This place was no exception.


Baker Bots Cupcakes

Because we were told we had to try the Ice Cream Sandwiches, that’s where I directed my attention first.


Bakerbots Cookies and Cupcakes

I decided to go with the RoCocoa Cookie (Double Chocolate) and Vanilla Bean ice cream. Jesse and Andy got the Everything Cookie and apparently it was amazing too.


Ice Cream Sandwich

As I watched Jesse and Andy get their sandwiches I realized just how huge they were, so I opted for a half sandwich. It was still absolutely ginormous.



They were not the easiest things to eat, as you can see by Andy and Jesse’s messy fingers. It also didn’t help that they got Dairy-Free Ice Cream which seemed to melt faster than Dairy-Full.



Needless to say, countless napkins were used.



Jesse, not one to leave waste, sucked up any remaining Ice Cream through his straw.


Bakerbots Cupcakes

While I was waiting for my magical sandwich to be crafted I took a look at the other goodies. The cupcakes caught my attention right quick because of their perfection: Small, limited frosting (I’m weird I know), and they all smelled incredible.



I couldn’t not try one (or two) so I opted for the Oreo and Double Chocolate Cupcakes. I waited until today to try the first one (Oreo) and my mind was blown. It was definitely one of the best, if not the best, cupcake I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to try the Double Chocolate one when I get home. I wish I had gotten one of each, I want to try them all.

I’m bummed Bakerbots isn’t closer to the apartment, but at the same time it would be incredibly dangerous if it were in a more convenient location…

Regardless of where it’s located, I’m definitely going back in the near future to buy more. If you like incredible things, go to Bakerbots and try their Ice Cream, their Cookies, and their Cupcakes. You should also buy one of their Cakes and then invite me over to help you eat it. Just a friendly suggestion.



Chocolate Cupcake


I ate the other cupcake.

Double Chocolate.

Ohmygosh so good.

The frosting was basically fudge.

I should probably move closer to Bakerbots…

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