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Lauren’s Bachelorette Party

June 2, 2013

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, our friends Aaron and Lauren are getting married later this month.

This weekend Cobi took the groom and his buds up to the cottage for a weekend of debauchery, and the bride’s sister hosted an evening of competition, hilarity, and all of the sangria ever.

I was asked to provide some baked goods for one of the games, and I was all too happy to oblige.


Cake Batter

One of the games was a cake decorating competition, so I made enough Vanilla batter (stuffed it full of chocolate chips!) for three cakes



Plus a little extra for 8 cupcakes to fill the coolest cupcake stand I have ever seen ever.



Once I arrived I started setting up all the different decorations. First was dyeing the frosting. Neon food colouring is infinitely better than regular food colouring. That’s just a straight up fact.


Ferris Wheel Cupcakes

This is the cupcake stand I was talking about.

Amazing, no?



I went a little overboard with the decorating supplies. A Bulk Barn opened up by my office which is incredibly dangerous.

Each team got Royal Icing letters, Icing Writers…



Chocolate-covered Caramels, Sour Gummies, Mini M&Ms, Royal Icing Roses and a plethora of various sparkles.

Seriously, I love Bulk Barn.



The girls were split into 3 groups, each group was given a cake and a plate.



Each team scrambled to fill their plate with as many decorations as they could and went off to decorate.


Team 1

Team 1 decided to go with a single base colour


Team 2

Team 2 voted for stripes


Team 3

And Team 3 split into quadrants.


Team 2

Team 1 was very excited about their cake. And as you can see, Sam still had her makeup on from the Great Blind Makeup Challenge of ’13. Isn’t she beautiful?


Ron Swanson

Team 1, I deeply admire your cake. Ron Swanson is the man. The manliest man. Even when made of cake and sprinkles.

Please note Ron is holding a piece of sausage. Excellent addition, Team 1.


Team 2

Team 2 was also happy with their creation.


Cake 2

They decided to honour the fabulous bridesmaids who threw a truly excellent Bachelorette Party. Nice touch.


Team 3

Team 3 took forever with their cake, but their outcome was totally worth it.

(Please pardon the strangeness of the photo, I think a flash went off on another camera as I was taking the photo. I think it adds charm.)


My Little Pony

My Little Pony is always a crowd pleaser. Well done, Team 3.



These are three of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen.

By round of applause we determined that My Little Pony came out victorious.

An excellent effort put forth by all.


Lauren Dancing

After some sangria, a few games, sangria, tons of dinner, sangria, beautiful cakes and more sangria, this happened. And it was beautiful.

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