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Mother’s Day, Birthdays and Cupcakes!

May 14, 2013

This past week/weekend was absolutely fantastic, packed full with fun and delicious things!

It all started on Sunday morning. I woke up nice and early to drive Cobi to the airport, as he had a school tour that was taking him to NYC for a week. In the car I gave him a subtle and helpful hint of what to bring back for me: Cupcakes. Always cupcakes. From Baked By Melissa, preferably. Bonus points if they’re the chocolate covered ones.

With that settled and Cobi safely on the plane, I had a whole week to myself to do whatever I wanted.

Obviously, it included treats. Lots of treats.


Cupcake Caddy

Monday I was out with friends, helping with some final wedding preparations. I’m doing the cupcakes for their wedding so we were picking out cupcake stands. While we were out, I found this utterly fantastic cupcake caddy! I’ve seen them before, friends of mine have them but I’ve never seen them for sale. When I found this one for $16 I couldn’t not buy it!!

(Sorry Cobi I know it’s big…)



Wednesday was Cobi’s birthday and since he wasn’t around to celebrate and devour delicious birthday treats, I celebrated on my own.

Dairy Queen’s newest Blizzard (Peanut Butter Brownie) is fantastic, if anyone was wondering.


Ice Cream Sandwich

The next day was my Mom’s birthday, and we met for a fun dinner at a little bistro in Unionville. After dinner we went next door to the Old Firehall Ice Cream shop. We could smell the waffle cones all through dinner and couldn’t wait to have a treat! I decided to forgo the cone and sandwich my ice cream between two giant Chocolate Chip Cookies. It was the biggest Ice Cream Sandwich I’ve ever had, but it was also the best. I’ve had this Ice Cream Sandwich before, but with a double chocolate cookie. I think this year’s was bigger!


Cupcake Shoppe

Friday I met my friend Alanda for dinner and I still had a gift certificate for The Cupcake Shoppe that I hadn’t used yet, so we picked up a few treats on the way home to enjoy while watching a movie later. I’ve never been a big fan of the Cupcake Shoppe, their icing is too thick and greasy. We got Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate and Strawberry, and they were actually pretty good. I wonder if they’ve changed their frosting recipes?


Pink Rice Krispies

Because the cupcakes weren’t enough, we decided to do some baking! Alanda wanted some cute treats to bring to her Mom this weekend for Mother’s Day and I had the perfect idea!

Last week I made Blue and White Rice Krispie Squares to celebrate the Leafs playing their first playoff game in 9 years, and they were fun and easy and delicious.


White Chocolate Topping

Instead of blue we dyed the Rice Krispies pink!



My lovely helper Alanda, sprinkling like a champ.



Those are good looking Rice Krispie Squares!


Pink Sprinkle Rice Krispie Squares

There’s something about Sprinkles. They make everything better.


Pink Sprinkle Rice Krispie Squares

I find these much more appetizing than the blue ones, that’s for sure!


Baked By Melissa

Saturday morning I started baking Cobi’s Birthday cake, and that evening I picked him up from the airport. I was excited to see him, but I was more excited to see what he brought me!!

Baked By Melissa

I was right to be excited. He got me two each of all the flavours of Baked By Melissa cupcakes, including the Mini of the Month!


Mini of the Month

This month was Berry Silly Cereal


Mini of the Month

Not the best of the batch, but still delicious. When I was in NYC with my Mom and little Bro, the Mini of the Month was Caramel Apple and it was deeelish!


Chocolate Covered Cupcakes

Not only did he bring back the regular Minis, he brought home one each of the Chocolate Covered Minis!! I knew I loved him for a reason.


Chocolate Covered Cupcakes

The ‘In Chocolate’ flavours were amazing, check them out here. My favourites were New York Cream and So Baked! Though they were all spectacular.

I love Baked By Melissa. They are the Apple Inc. of Cupcakes. Their packaging is brilliant and the product is incredible. Melissa, whoever you are, I want to be your best friend.



Oh, and this was a picture taken by my father on Sunday. That is my Opa, my father’s father, about to go for a little ski around his backyard.

There should not be enough snow to go for a little ski around your backyard!!


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