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Happy Birthday Cobi!

May 13, 2013

Cobi’s birthday is always fun for me because it’s the one time a year he will eat something that I bake. It’s not that he doesn’t like sweets, he loves sweets. But apparently I’m what he calls an ‘enabler’ and he had to limit his intake of sugar when we started dating, because apparently I supply a lot of it. No idea what he’s talking about. So obviously I had to do something extra special that would blow his socks off.

His favourite cake has always been store-bought white cake with 6 inches of white icing. Gross. I’m not doing that.

Last year I did my own twist on white cake and white icing, making a pound cake ‘Grilled Cheese Sandwich’ stuffed with dyed-orange vanilla frosting. It was pretty awesome.

This year I decided to ditch white cake altogether and try something new.


Reese Cups

Oh yes. A cake inspired by these delicious treats? Perfect.


Reese Cups

Cobi’s favourite flavours seem to be mint chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, and white cake. I can’t imagine those flavours would work well together, so I ran with Peanut Butter.


Reese Cups

I decided a Chocolate Cake jam packed with Reese’s would be pretty awesome.


Reese Cups

I unwrapped one bag of Mini Reese’s Cups, chopped them up and added the pieces to my favourite chocolate batter.


Chocolate Reese Batter

I tossed the pans into the oven and started working on the frosting.



I haven’t perfected a Vanilla Frosting up to Cobi’s standards just yet. His favourite is still Betty Crocker frosting in a can.

Have you read the ingredients on the back of those cans?? It’s impossible to recreate!


Peanut Butter

So I started with my favourite vanilla frosting, added some extra sugar and finished it off with some Peanut Butter.


Layer 2

I was really happy with how the frosting turned out! Not too Peanut Buttery, but just enough to be completely delicious.

Reese Cups

I still had two bags of Mini Reese Cups left, and the cake looked awfully plain…


Reese Cups

I unwrapped the rest of the Reese Cups and chopped them up into small pieces to sprinkle over the icing.


Chocolate Reese Cake

Now THAT’S a cake!!


Chocolate Reese Cake

Just a few Reese’s Cups…


Chocolate Reese Cake

I’m not even a Peanut Butter fan but this cake looked so appetizing, and smelled even better.


Chocolate Reese Cake

I definitely could have used a 4th bag of Mini Reese’s to completely cover the sides of the cake, that would have been awesome.


Chocolate Reese Cake

Cobi seemed pretty happy with the final product! He wasn’t around when I was baking so the cake was a surprise, but the smell was so strong and delicious that he knew there was Peanut Butter in there somewhere (he just didn’t know how much)!



He seemed pretty happy with it. He even liked the icing!

And he considered having a second piece later on (WHAT!) so you know it was good!

Happy Birthday Cobs, you’re the peanut butter to my chocolate.

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