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Spring Fun

April 22, 2013

The last few weeks have been crazy busy. Looking at my iCalendar for April there are event dots everywhere!

It all started the first weekend in April.


Trampoline Dodgeball

Anyone ever played Trampoline Dodgeball before?


I suggest you go out right now and play.


Trampoline Dodgeball

We went to SkyZone in Toronto for a friends birthday and it was fantastic!

We only had an hour on the tramp and we all thought that was such a short time, but after and hour of dodging, ducking, dipping, diving and dodging – and not to mention bouncing – we were ready for a break!

Excellent call, Jenna Beaton. Excellent call.



The next day I was off to Kitchener for a baby shower. I found this card while in New York and it was too funny not to get.



I also found this at FAO Schwarz in NY! A baby Hamburger toy with a teething ring on one end, a rattle in the top bun, and crunchy middles. Amazing.

The next weekend was my little brother’s birthday where I made the Chocolate Lasagne, but I’ve already written about that.



That Sunday I was at a Bridal Shower for my friend Lauren (the sister of the Trampoline Birthday Girl). Her new umbrella was topped with all the bows and ribbons from gifts.



The best part of the umbrella was the inside!



The cake was also a highlight of the event. While fondant is not my favourite to eat, it sure makes a cake look pretty!



Though to be honest this fondant wasn’t too bad at all. And it’s not like fondant has ever stopped me from eating cake, let’s be real here.


Cupcake Ferris Wheel

The absolute best part of the shower was learning that this Cupcake Ferris Wheel exists.

Sam Barr, the only reason I didn’t beat you up and steal this from you is because A) you have a cute dog and B) I managed to find it online and C) I guess I like you a little. Now I just need to convince Cobi that we have space for it in the apartment… Hmmm.

The next week I got sick (must have been tired or something) and to make up for missing a day and a half of work I brought in treats. Not that I really need an excuse to bring in treats.


Mars Bars

Last summer Andy, Cobi’s brother’s fiancé, taught me how to make Rice Krispie squares with a twist – instead of Marshmallows you use melted Candy Bars!


Melted Mars Bars

In the summer we used a mix of Mars Bars and Snickers Bars, but this time I stuck to just Mars Bars.


Rice Krispies

After I melted down the Chocolate Bars and Butter I added the Rice Krispies.


Mars Bars Rice Krispie Squares

I pressed the mixture into a pan, then sprinkled the top with Chocolate Chips.


Chocolate Topping

I put the pan under the broiler for a few seconds until the Chocolate Chips melted, and then I spread the chocolate evenly over top of the Rice Krispies.


Mars Bars Rice Krispie Squares

Andy and Tully, thank you for introducing me to this dangerous treat.


Mars Bars Rice Krispie Squares

They are far too delicious and far too easy to make.

Luckily that weekend we had a big hike planned!



Let me set the stage.

From Left to Right is Aaron, myself, Jaime and Lauren. Cobi is the one taking the photo.

Aaron is Lauren’s fiancé, he and Cobi went to high school and University together and are now business partners. Aaron did his MBA at Rotman with Jaime.

This August Jaime is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in support of Canadian Blood Services. As part of his training, every Sunday he does a long hike with anyone who wishes to join him. Months ago Aaron suggested we sign up for a weekend to hike, and that weekend had finally arrived! It was a beautiful sunny day and Jaime was a bit sick of the city so we suggested a hike around Caledon Ski Club.


Caledon Ski Club

It was the perfect day for a hike. Not to cold and not too hot. The hills still had snow, but all the snowshoe trails through the forest were dry and were perfect for hiking.


Caledon Ski Club

We hiked for a little more than 3 hours, covering over 10km of trails. It was fun but it was tiring! Caledon hills seem small when you’re skiing down them, but are ginormous when you’re hiking up them!

Jaime has around 100 days until his climb. 100 days to keep training and keep fundraising.

There is still space to sign up to join Jaime on a hike, and any donations I’m sure would be greatly appreciated!

You can read Jaime’s blog post about our hike here.

I’m hoping we can schedule another hike with Jaime before he departs, not only because he has incredible Social Media experience and I liked picking his brain, but also because I have a feeling this Spring is going to include even more treats than it already has, and any excuse to get active works for me!

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