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Sam’s 18th Birthday

April 14, 2013

It’s always sad when Easter ends…
Mini Eggs

I like to cheer myself up with half priced Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs!

Also, getting back to baking helps.

A friend of mine has an amazing office tradition – Thursday’s are ‘Treat Day’! Every Thursday one person brings in treats for the rest of the office, and last Thursday was my friend Cedric’s day. He said if I made him treats, he’d take me to the Burger’s Priest. Done and done!


Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Bar

My Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Bars are always a hit, so I decided to go with them.
Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Bar

If I had to pick a favourite treat, these just might be them.


Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Bar



Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Bar

Even though these are the best treats in the entire world…


Burger's Priest

I think I came out on top in the deal!



Saturday was my little brother’s 18th birthday, so I had to make something special. Saturday night we were going out for dinner, but Friday night we had a small dinner at my Dad’s house and a dessert was needed!

One of Cobi’s Rotman classmates sent me a recipe for Chocolate Lasagne – basically layers of Oreo Crumbs, Cool Whip, Pudding, and more Cool Whip. I sent the recipe to Sam and he greatly approved.


Oreo Crumbs

I started by taking a big box of Oreos, putt them into a thick Ziplock bag and crushed them. I added some butter to the Oreo Crumbs and pressed the mixture into the bottom of a pan.


Cool Whip

The second layer involved a mixture of Cream Cheese, Sugar, and Cool Whip.


Cool Whip & Cream Cheese Layer

After I mixed together all the ingredients I spread the mixture over top of the Oreo base.


Cool Whip & Cream Cheese Layer

I don’t really like Cream Cheese, but I like Cream Cheese mixed with Cool Whip and Sugar!!


Chocolate Pudding Layer

Next I took two packages of Chocolate Pudding, added some milk and whisked it til it was thick. Then I spread that over the Cream Cheese layer, and put it in the fridge to thicken up a bit more.


Cool Whip Layer

Once the pudding layer was thick enough I added the rest of the Cool Whip!


Chocolate Chips

Top it all off with a few chocolate chips and BAM! Chocolate Lasagne!


Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy (in his awesome ‘Birthday Hat’) seemed to enjoy the creation.

One thing that made this party even more fun was that there was no power! The ice storm hit Caledon pretty hard and power was out everywhere. Luckily Dad had a pretty powerful generator that allowed us to keep the fridge on, one small lamp, and the Bose speaker (‘cuz all birthdays need tunes).


Chocolate Lasagne

It was hard taking a good picture of the dessert with the lack of lighting, but I think I snapped a few that give you a good idea of the deliciousness!


photo 2

Thanks for the recipe Jon, it was awesome!!


Loot Bags

Oh ya, and no birthday party is complete without an awesome Loot Bag!!

Happy 18th Birthday, Sam!

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