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Last Day in New York

March 19, 2013

Thursday was our last day in NYC. Our flight out was at 9pm that evening, so we at least had a full day ahead of us!

We woke up early, packed up all our stuff and checked out of the hotel, leaving our bags there.



We’d been happy with Keko Cafe, and it was right next door to the hotel so we stopped there again for a quick breakfast.

“Iced Cocoa”… is that not just Chocolate Milk..?



Apparently they didn’t have any smoothies left, so they brought me a plate with all the fruit from the smoothie… Not sure why it couldn’t be blended into smoothie form, but they at least had the courtesy to dust my fruit with sugar.


Freedom Tower

After breakfast we hopped in a cab and headed south to the Financial District. Sam had recently taken a World Issues class and was interested in seeing Ground Zero.


Freedom Tower

There is no cost to get into the memorial, but they do suggest a donation. We got our tickets and stood in a HUGE line to get through security. The security was worse than what you go through at the airport, it was insane. Apparently they’re opening up the memorial to the public soon, hopefully they get rid of the security or at least dial it back a little!



Once we finally made it through security we walked around the memorial. There wasn’t much to see as one of the fountains was out of service due to high winds, and the museum is still under construction. There was a friendly security guard who answered all our questions for us. “You guys are really nice, you must be Canadian!” Indeed we are, good sir.

It was freezing cold and windy that day so we didn’t stay at the memorial long. We grabbed a cab and went east to NoLIta where we wandered around for a bit.


30 Minute Seder

“The Haggadah that blends brevity and tradition”



Baked By Melissa

We walked from NoLIta to SoHo where we passed a small Baked By Melissa that was just a takeout window! This time I got one of each flavour (but swapped the PB&J for Oreo because Oreo is better), plus two of the Caramel Apple Mini of the Month. The intent was to bring them home and share them, but I ended up eating them all myself… Don’t judge me, they’re small and delicious.

After a goodbye lunch at Five Points with my Mom’s cousin David we started walking north.


Parking Lot

As we were walking up to the Flatiron District we passed a few of these crazy parking lots. Every square inch of space in NYC is used effectively.


NY Cakes & Baking Supplies

The sign and the outside of the building were a but scary, but the inside was packed full of every baking utensil you could ever imagine!


Treat Pops

I have some nieces and nephews who would LOVE eating cake like this!

You could do so many fun things with it, like fill it with ice cream and brownies!! The box was too big to buy and bring home, so I need to find it in Toronto!


Brownie Pan

I like this brownie tin because the ratio of edge piece to inside piece is fantastic.


Brook's Brothers

Mom saw a Brook’s Brothers store and made a beeline right for it. They had a nice sitting area upstairs for bored husbands and sons. Sam hunkered down and was watching Ellen while Mom and I browsed. I could have bought Cobi a lovely pink shirt with pastel plaid elbow patches, or perhaps a lovely patchwork vest, but he would have used them as dishcloths. It was all a bit preppy for me, so I joined Sam in the lounge and admired the furniture.


Shack Attack Shake

The main reason we made our way back to the Flatiron District was so we could stop by Shake Shack one last time! We were too full from lunch to have a burger (I know, we are a disgrace), so we got Concrete Milkshakes. This one was the “Shack Attack” and it was FULL of chocolate! I would fly to New York just to stop here for lunch then fly back.



They had some tshirts for sale and of course the best ones were made for children. Thank goodness for Children’s Size 12!!



It’s times like these when I’m glad I’m miniature.

Sadly after we enjoyed our final New York treat it was time to collect our bags and head to the airport. The concierge suggested we book a car to bring us to the airport as it would be tough to get a cab at rushhour, and it cost the same amount.



This is what came to pick us up. We like to ride in style.

We got the the airport and our flight was delayed an hour, and there was no Wifi in the airport. One thing I loved about NYC is that there was free wifi EVERYWHERE! Except at the airport where we were stuck for a few hours. The airport redeemed themselves by giving us a complementary upgrade to first class! Something about a weight change, I didn’t really listen. Mom was excited about the free wine and the guys at the gate said she could have some but I couldn’t. According to them I look 18. Whatever, I have an awesome TREX Shake Shack tshirt and they don’t.

It was a pretty terrific trip to a pretty terrific city. Goodbye, New York! See you again soon!

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