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New York – Day Three

March 18, 2013

We decided to get an early start Wednesday morning as we heard it was going to be a beautiful day and we had lots to fit in!

Since it was supposed to be sunny and over 10 degrees outside, we decided to spend the morning walking through Central Park and then do a boat tour in the afternoon around the island to take in all the views.


Drug Test

On our way to the park we passed this mobile testing service… “Happy Monday everyone SURPRISE DRUG TEST!” I love America.


Central Park

Yes, it was sunny, but no, it was certainly not above 10 degrees.


Central Park

The plan was to head straight from the hotel to the park, find a place to have breakfast, then walk the park. It was SO COLD that we decided to do what any sight-loving traveller would do…


The Plaza

Go to the Plaza for breakfast.


The Plaza

Oh yes, this nature is much more pleasant than the chilly outdoor variety.


Belgian Waffle

The waiter said the Belgian Waffles were delicious. He was not wrong.


Nutella Banana Pancakes

Sam, not straying from his apparent Nutella-themed mood, got Nutella Banana Pancakes. They were SO good but oh man were they intense. I had two bites and couldn’t go on. It was rather devastating.


The Plaza Food Hall

After our nutritious start to the day we went back outside… It was still cold. Back into the Plaza we went to check out the Food Hall!


Louis XIII

Louis XIII de Remy Martin Grande Champagne Cognac…

Now, I don’t know what any of that means, but I do know it sold for $630 a 1/2 oz glass.

I’d rather have chocolate milk.



Fancy Plaza Caramel

(You can buy the Goats Milk Caramel on the far right at Winners…)



More fancy Plaza Caramels


Dip It In Chocolate

This bag speaks to me…


Billy's Cupcakes

Since it was much colder out than we were expecting, we figured we needed a delicious treat to enjoy on the boat cruise so we wouldn’t get cranky. We found a Billy’s Bakery in the Food Hall and decided to get some cupcakes!


Billy's Cupcakes

Everything looked delicious.


Billy's Cupcakes

Adorable for Easter!


Billy's Cupcakes

Obviously we all got Chocolate on Chocolate.



On our way out we found Eloise at the Plaza!



What a little troublemaker.



That’s my favourite colour too, Eloise!



Hmmm she sounds nuts.


Apple Store

We finally left the Plaza and decided to walk around a bit as we still had some time before the cruise. Somehow we were drawn right to the Apple Store… It was pretty cool, there was just a big clear cube and an elevator to take you down into the underground store.


Apple Store

Apple, you are so cool.


Apple Store

Too bad I’d already purchased my Apple accessory.


Freedom Tower

Okay. Boat Cruise time. We decided to sit in the uncovered area to get the best views.


Lady Liberty

The views were alright I guess.


Billy's Cupcake

It got pretty cold out, so we decided to warm up with cupcakes! There was so much frosting I didn’t know what to do with myself.

At this point it had gotten so cold we then had to go into the covered part of the boat, meaning we only had views on one side. Good thing we got seats on the Manhattan side (no offence Hoboken).


Brooklyn Bride

The Brooklyn Bridge


Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge


Washington Bridge

The Washington Bridge

I am now a bridge aficionado.


PotBelly Sandwich Shop

After the freezing cold boat tour we decided to walk from the pier to the hotel (the more we walk the more cupcakes we could eat!!) On our way to the hotel we passed Potbelly Sandwich Shop and stopped in for a bite. Mom and I got Meatball Sandwiches and Sam got Pizza. They were so good.


Baked By Melissa

After we were armed with sammies we saw the most beautiful sight – Baked By Melissa!!

I’d not heard of Baked By Melissa until Cobi brought some home for me when he was in New York a few years ago. Since then, every time he goes to NYC I make him bring them back for me!


Baked By Melissa

They’re all mini and they’re all delicious. They have 10 flavours and one Mini Of The Month.


Caramel Apple

This month’s Mini was Caramel Apple.


Baked By Melissa

We decided our Potbelly Sandwiches would taste best followed by some Mini Cupcakes! We got four each, all choosing Oreo, S’more and Mint Chocolate, with Sam getting PB&J, Mom with Peanut Butter Cup and me with the Caramel Apple Mini of the Month!


Baked By Melissa

They didn’t last long…

Good thing Cobi is going back in May so I don’t have to wait long to have these little bits of heaven again! He’s already been instructed to bring home the chocolate-covered ones.



After our feast we got ready for our second show of the trip, Once!



Our seats were second row centre, it was amazing. When we walked in the cast was on stage singing and playing, and you could go up with them and go to the bar on stage that was actually serving!

The show was absolutely incredible. It’s coming to Toronto in November, I highly recommend it.

After the show we walked through Times Square, then back to the hotel. We only had one more day in New York, we needed to rest up!

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