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New York – Day Two

March 17, 2013

We were all so tired after our first long day in New York, so we woke up at 9:30 Tuesday morning. We got ready quickly as the room was a sauna.


Hotel Key Card

Look how cute our hotel keys were!! Best hotel ever.


Keko Cafe

We walked down the street to a little cafe called Keko.


Breakfast Smoothie

I wasn’t very hungry, so I got a giant fruit smoothie. It was a meal itself!


Blueberry Muffin

I also got a blueberry muffin which was dusted in powdered sugar. Mmmm.


Nutella French Toast

Sam’s breakfast was the best, he got Nutella French Toast! Truly dessert for breakfast.

It was pouring rain on Tuesday so we decided to do indoor things, like museums. We hopped in a cab and started making our way to the MoMA.


The Waldorf Astoria

I love New York in the spring, such beautiful views.

On our way to the museum we realized the MoMA was closed on Tuesdays! See? Even when we try to do cultural things we just can’t! We figured we couldn’t (shouldn’t) spend an entire day shopping, so we changed course to the MET. There was major construction outside so I couldn’t get a good picture (or a good view) of the museum.

Admission to the MET is recommended but not required (like yellow lights to New York Cabbies). If you don’t have any money you can still go see the exhibits. I like that. The gift shop, however, was a big disappointment.



I want this vacuum cleaner.



And these shelves.



And this chair.



Dancers were a big thing to artists apparently.

After we were cultured we went to my Mom’s favourite museum, Bloomingdales. On the way we passed a bakery called the Hot and Crusty Bake Shop. Delightful.


Cobra Decanter

If I were fancy enough to own a decanter, I’d own this one. Sort of creepy, sort of awesome.


Cobra Decanter

I’d need a bigger apartment for this one, it was a few feet tall.


Le Train Bleu

After some wandering and shopping we stopped for lunch. Mom wanted to go to Le Train Bleu, as it was a cool restaurant in a train car. Unfortunately it was closed for a private function so we found something else.


Chocolate Cupcake Milkshake

Any place that serves Chocolate Cupcake Milkshakes is alright by me!!!


FL!P Burger

It was called FL!P. Not as good as Shake Shack, but it hit the spot.


Magnolia Bakery

On our way out of Bloomies we saw Magnolia Bakery. We didn’t end up getting anything (Cobi seriously judged me for that) because across the road was my heaven…


Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar. Owned by Dylan Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s daughter.

I like her style.


Cupcake Pillow

It had fun things like Cupcake Pillows.


Cupcake HatAnd Cupcake Hats.


Wall of Candy

And walls of candy.


Dylan's Candy Bar

I love the decor.


Candy Floor

The floors were made of candy.


Candy Stairs

As were the stairs.


Candy Floor

Anyone know how I can get this installed in my home?


Candy Wallpaper

Even the wallpaper was delicious!!


Big Hunk

There were chocolate bars I’ve not had before.


Oh Henry

And old school chocolate bars.


Giant Snickers

And GIANT chocolate bars!!


Chocolate Locusts

My favourite were the Passover treats.


Chocolate Frogs

Kosher fun for Passover!


Bunny Chocolate



Sparkle Cookies

I’m not too sure what these were but they looked delicious.






Delicious Easter fun.



Too cute to eat.



I LOVE the cows!



I wish those giant candies were real.



They also sold cupcakes and they were all so over the top. This is my new favourite place.

I bought a huge bag of candy, it didn’t last very long…


FAO Schwarz

Around the corner was FAO Schwarz. Who can say no to a giant toy store?


BIG Piano

I really wanted to buy this. But again, I need a bigger apartment.



We passed an intense dance shop with the craziest gear. There was a bodysuit made entirely of glitter. Fantastic.

Around 5:30pm we decided to head back to the hotel to get ready for the show. 5:30pm in the pouring rain means there is no chance of getting a taxi! We decided to start walking and see if we could catch a cab on the way north. Nope. We walked the 30 blocks in the pouring rain back to the hotel. We rested our feet and dried off before heading out again to see our first show.


Lucky Guy

Lucky Guy!


Lucky Guy

It was a really good show with a great cast. Any play with Tom Hanks and Shooter McGavin is alright by me! The only downside were our seats… They were in a great location, but they leaned significantly to the left. It was a core workout just trying to stay upright! On our way out of the theatre Sam pointed out that our usher looked and sounded like Sid the Sloth… He was not wrong.

Once again we passed out promptly after getting back to the hotel. Big cities make us sleepy!

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