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Paris, London and…?

February 21, 2013

Times Square

New York City!!

That is where I am headed next.

I am so excited. I haven’t been since grade 11 when the theatre program at my ARTS highschool did a trip, so it’ll be nice to go back and have more free time to wander the city!

Usually in March Cobi and I try to make it down to Florida to visit his Grandmother, but because of his unfortunate exam schedule we can’t find the time this year. Instead, my Mom is taking my little brother (Sam – 17) and me to NYC for a few days! Sam hasn’t been, and because of the strike his highschool trip has been cancelled so it’s a great opportunity for him to go and see the city! We’ll see shows, take tours, fight for cabs, and of course, eat!

I’ve already been given some suggestions on where to go for food, but what do you suggest? Apparently there is a Mac & Cheese restaurant, anyone know the name??

This is what we’ll be checking out:

Baked By Melissa – Cupcakes
Shake Shack – Burgers
Pot Belly – Sandwiches
Stardust – Diner
Katz’s/Carnegie Deli

Anything else we shouldn’t miss??

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