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Christmas Cookies and Trees

December 18, 2012


It’s that time of year again! Time to decorate the house and time to bake all the delicious treats we haven’t had since last year!!

It was a busy weekend. Friday we decorated my Mom’s tree, Saturday we did our baking, Saturday night was Cobi’s family Hanukkah party, and Sunday we decorated my Dad’s tree. It was a whole lotta holiday fun packed into one weekend!


First step of the weekend: Decorating Mom’s tree!

French Fries

While in London we came across lots of really pretty ornaments. Of course, the French Fries were what really stood out to us, so we had to have them!



They go great with the Hamburger ornament we bought last year!!


Christmas Tree

Look at this beauty. It was such a perfect tree it hardly looked real!

If you notice, the lights on the bottom of the tree are different than the lights on the top of the tree… Hopefully Santa doesn’t judge us for accidentally buying two different kinds of lights!


After the tree was all done we added some decorations to the rest of the house.

Advent Calendar

I love this Advent Calendar. We never actually fill it with anything, it’s more just a pretty decoration. Cobi suggested we fill it with candy on Christmas Eve and then we can eat a treat for every hour leading up to Christmas! For someone who claims he doesn’t like Christmas he sure comes up with the most festive ideas…


With the house all decorated it was time for baking!

Chocolate Cherry Cookies

The first thing on the list was Chocolate Cherry Cookies. These are my absolute favourite holiday treat. Chocolate cookie, Maraschino Cherry centre and a chocolate top. They are so easy to make, and always end up disappearing the same day they’re made… whoops!


Gingerbread Cookies

Next came the Gingerbread cookies. These are less easy to make… It always starts out fun and jolly, but after a few hours we get a teensy bit frustrated. This year was no different!


Gingerbread Cookies

We do classic shapes like Ornaments and Candy Canes, then less classic shapes like Dog Houses and Roosters.


Candy Cane?

This was my mom’s masterpiece… She claims it’s a beautiful Candy Cane, but I see an angry My Little Pony.


Royal Icing

Our colours weren’t as bright as last year, but they were still pretty good.


Christmas Tree Cookies

Finally came the hard part – decorating! It always starts off so fun and we put in such detail, but after awhile our hands cramp and we get frustrated and the decorations get sloppier… Oh well, they’ll all still taste delicious in the end!


Candy Cane Brownies

After the cookies were (finally!) decorated, it was time to make dessert for the Druxerman Hanukkah Party! I decided to go with Peppermint Brownies, as they were simple and delicious and everyone likes chocolate. We made up some brownie batter and added some Peppermint Extract. A few minutes before they were finished baking we sprinkled crushed Candy Canes on top of the brownies so they’d melt a bit.


Candy Cane Brownies

Once they were baked and cooled we added some Icing Sugar.


Candy Cane Brownies

Those are some good looking brownies!! We found out after that the Candy Canes were not mint, but were in fact Cherry. At first I panicked, but the Cherry worked really well with the chocolate!


After the Hanukkah party we drove to my Dad’s house, and the next morning it was time for more Christmas-ing! But first, we needed a hearty meal to build up our strength.



To be quite honest, Lobsters really freak me out. I don’t want to see them alive and creeping around the sink, bleh. But I have to say I do enjoy a tasty Lobster Mac & Cheese.

After we’d had our fill it was time to decorate!



One of Dad’s newest ornaments was a big clove of garlic. If you know my Dad, you know he loooooves his Garlic!


Lizzie Ornament

Another new addition was his Yellow Lab, Lizzie, wearing a scarf! Too cute.


Christmas Tree

What a great little tree. My favourite part will always be the Flying Pig ‘Star’! We decided not to put on any Christmas Tree Cookies because they didn’t go over so well last year


With all the houses decorated and all the Christmas baking done, next weekend will be filled with skiing, Christmas movies, relaxing, and of course eating all the treats we spent so much time making!!

Happy Holidays!


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