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Final Day in London

December 13, 2012

Final day in London! So sad 😦 We could have used one more day. If we’d had one more day we would have gone to see the Crown Jewels, the Portrait Museum, and we never got a chance to go to a full Marks & Spencers store!

I do like quick trips though, and this trip was pretty awesome.



Our final hotel breakfast consisted of fruit (half decent today), mini croissants, and carrot muffins with a cream cheese frosting centre. Those muffins were the best part of our hotel stay. So good.

We got all our luggage together and hopped in a cab to go to the airport.

Buck Palace

We figured we should do something at least semi related to London culture so we got the driver to go past Buckingham Palace on the way to the airport.


Buck Palace

Flag’s up, looks like the Queen is in!


Buck Palace

Just a small family home.

Buck Palace

Jeez the sun in London is just so bright! If only there was some cloud coverage!!



I like their hats.


And their dresses.



One last look at the beautiful blue skies of London.

Once we made it through security we decided to play it smart and eat before the flight, because our food last time was so gross we couldn’t eat any of it!


We went to the Air Canada lounge and feasted on their incredible food. There was also free wine!

We grabbed a few bags of chips and cookies for snacks on the flight. We really should have filled our water bottles with wine… What were we thinking?



Heathrow Airport is a shopping destination in itself! The shops and food were unreal. We bought even more chocolate while here, as well as some festive flavours of Baileys, which we were lucky enough to sample!


Giant Kit Kat

Mmmmmm giant Kit Kat Chunky’s!!


Airplane Food

This was our delicious in-flight meal… The side of risotto we got was the only edible part of the meal. The bread was good too, and luckily I still had some Nutella packets from our hotel in my pocket, score!!



We also had other chocolate to eat, like leftover toffee cookies and a few Cadbury chocolate bars. Wispas are so good, I wish I’d bought more!! They’re similar to Aero’s with the aerated chocolate, but they’re so much better.

The flight was a circus. Bags falling on peoples’ heads, flight attendants ramming carts into people. At one point a flight attendant walked down the aisle holding a child asking who it belonged to…


Overall the trip was pretty delicious, and my wardrobe is considerably better now than it was before I left. It was my first time in London and I really loved it. Definitely a place I’ll need to return to in the near future. Maybe with my lover. Or Cobi.

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