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Day Four in London

December 13, 2012

Day Four was our last full day in London, so we had to make the very best of it!



We were up and at ’em at 9am and grabbed a quick breakfast before starting our day. The fruit got dodgier every day…


Chocolate 'Muffin'

Thank goodness for Chocolate ‘Muffins’ to really get the day going!!

After our healthy and well-rounded breakfast it was time to head out.


Blue Sky and Lights

It was another gorgeous day so we decided to walk to Covent Gardens to check out the Christmas Markets.



Hi horsies! I think they’re all rushing to go see Viva Forever!!



I like my FroYo with a sense of humour.


Candy Store

As we were walking toward the Market we passed by a Candy store, so I obviously had to go in and check it out!



It was the best candy store ever!! They had hilarious mints and every candy and chocolate you could imagine!!



Nothing freshens your breath like the fresh scent of Ranch and Pickles…


Apple Market

The market was amazing!! Beautiful lights and fun handmade gifts. We got a lot of good presents here!!


Giant Tree

This looks like the right sized tree for the apartment…


Hey Rudolph!


Candy Canes

London really knows how to decorate for the holidays.


Lunch TIme

After we’d wandered through all the exhibits we were feeling a bit peckish. Not terribly hungry as we were still full from our Chocolate ‘Muffin’, but we needed a snack. Ben’s Cookies seemed like the best option!


Hot Chocolate & Cookies

Is there anything better than a lunch consisting of Hot Chocolate and a Triple Chocolate Cookie??

Revitalized after our delicious meal we walked back to the hotel to drop off our bags and stopped and some fun shops along the way.


Ralph Lauren

Christmastime in Ralph Lauren


Ski Bum

The Ski Bums at RL are about to shred some serious gnar.


Father Christmas Needs a Wee

Cutest little book!! But seriously, what does Santa do when he needs a wee?! All that milk has to go somewhere!


M&M Beatles

Any store that has four floors dedicated to M&Ms is alright by me. Even if they did turn John, Paul, George and Ringo into Chocolate! Mmmm, Chocolate Beatles…

After we’d dropped our bags off at the hotel we had some time to kill before our High Tea reservation, we we decided to go back to Fortnum & Mason and look at the fun food again!

Christmas Jumpers

These guys have good taste in holiday sweaters… And would probably taste good in their holiday sweaters!!


Fancy Vanilla

There were some amazing baking supplies, but I couldn’t afford any thing!

I wish I could have bought all the different kinds of vanilla extracts, they had some pretty cool options.


Sad Tree

This sad little guy was in the lobby of a real estate office that sold ridiculously expensive properties. For sure they could have sprung for a better tree…


Connaught Hotel

Tea Time!! About a month before we left for London we started making reservations for meals, and tried SO hard to find a place to go for tea but as we were told by every hotel we called “You have to book at least 3 months in advance for High Tea during Christmas!” Duh. Eventually we found the Connaught Hotel which was kind enough to take us in!



I liked their take on the Christmas Tree!


Finger Sammies

The champagne was delicious, and the sammies were pretty good too! Crab, Cucumber & Cream Cheese, Ham & Cheese and Pastrami. Yum yum!



Mmmmmm tea!! My mom got a really delicious holiday spice tea, and I got a black tea that was also really good, but we agreed the Holiday Tea was better!



The lighting in London is terrible, by the way.

The pastries were nowhere near as delicious as the High Tea we had at the George V in Paris, but they were still pretty good! The scones came with Gingerbread and Pinot Plum jams, they were awesome.


Chocolate Train

This one was the best, a chocolate train!

OH and the best part of tea?!?! Santa drove by on a motorcycle!! We were enjoying our delightful afternoon tea when we heard some sirens, and saw a bunch of police officers driving on motorcycles covered the lights. And on the last motorcycle was Santa!! I didn’t get a picture in time, but just imagine the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen and double it, and that’s what it was like.


Connaught Tree

I seriously love this tree.

The bathrooms at the Connaught Hotel were super fancy. There was a bathroom helper who would turn the taps on to the perfect temperature for you, and pat your hands dry! I need someone like that at home.



Jenny Packham

As we were leaving the Connaught hotel to head back to our own hotel to pack (sad face), we came across the Jenny Packham store! It was super exciting because this is where my mom’s wedding dress and my maid of honour dress came from!! So too bad it was closed and we never had a chance to go in!



As we were packing we put together all our purchases to see what kind of damage we did…

Who’s excited to see their credit card bill?? Not me!!


Pretty Bag

This was my favourite bag of the whole trip. Two thumbs up for size 14 girls!!!


Mint Chocolate

After we were all packed (our suitcases were much heavier now) we put on Love Actually and ate chocolate.

I’d intended to bring this chocolate bar back for Cobi because he LOVES Mint Chocolate, but I accidentally ate it… Oh well! He’ll be content in knowing it was delicious.

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