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Day Three in London

December 12, 2012

I know I said Day Two in London was my favourite, but Day Three was pretty spectacular too!

When we woke up on Saturday at 8am we were much sleepier than the day before, so we snoozed a bit.


Cool Britannia

When we finally got up and moving we decided to spend the day walking around.



Our first stop was Fortnum & Mason, and by the time we got there at 11:30am it was a zoo!! We tried to make a last minute reservation for tea that afternoon, but they were all booked up. Oh well, more time for shopping!!



The had amazing candies and chocolates and biscuits. I could have spent all my money just on food!!



Everything was so beautiful, I’d feel bad eating it! I think these Snowmen are wearing Paul Smith scarves.



Not sure what Sweetmeats are but they don’t sound appetizing…



We got lots of crazy stuff like Brandy Butter and Stilton in Port, but that’s all we could afford – man stuff there is so expensive! It was still fun to look around and dream.



Spending £50 on an ornament seems a bit much, no? I’d rather put that £50 toward my £950 coat!!

After we’d perused all F&M had to offer we walked down the street to The Ritz to try our luck for tea there. Unfortunately there were no cancellations there either, so we were all out of luck! Oh well, we had a reservation for tea at the Connaught Hotel the next day.


The tree in the lobby of the Ritz was way better than our MonstrosiTree!


Antler Tree

Even this Antler Tree is prettier!! Actually, this antler tree was pretty darn cool.


Dairy Milk

We started to get peckish so we decided to snack on some chocolate. So much better in London! Yum.


Tiffany Cab

As we were walking back to the hotel to drop our purchases off we spotted the Tiffany Cab! Pretty.


Cartier Store

The Cartier store was all dressed up for the holidays!


Chocolate Corn

All vegetables should be made of chocolate!!

We walked to Liberty which was also crazy crowded. We looked at some of the fun candy and chocolate, and got to sample these incredible Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffles! We would have bought some but the line was nutso.


At this point we started to get hungry, so we walked around looking for a place to eat. We found one spot that promised air conditioning, and they weren’t lying! It was freezing!! So we moved on.


We found a place called HUSH and quenched out thirst with some giant Spritzers.



We ordered Pulled Pork Yorkshire Pudding and Cheesy Bacon Mac & Cheese to share, and they were sooooooo good oh my goodness.


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Even though were were pretty full after our meal, we couldn’t resist the Sticky Toffee Pudding! Mmmmm.

Once again my mom ordered a Cappuccino and was brought a double espresso!! Is ‘cappuccino’ code for ‘espresso’ in London or something?!


We needed to walk off our giant lunch so we wandered the streets some more. The sidewalks were so busy you could hardly move!! So we stayed off the major streets and walked down side streets and enjoyed the pretty Christmas lights.


We found a British razor to shave British beards.



We had a quick nap when we got back to the hotel, ate some cookies, and left for the most exciting moment in Musical History…


Viva Forever

I have an iffy sense of direction at the best of times, so put me in a place where no roads run straight for more than two feet and I’m a mess!! But somehow we managed to find the theatre.


Viva Forever!

It was so fun. After waiting 15 years in line for the bathroom we took our seats, which were really good! The show was completely sold out. The audience was full of mothers and daughters, with a smattering of dressed up gay men. The show was hilarious, those Brits sure are naughty!! Everyone was singing along, it was pretty special. I never realized just how dirty some of the lyrics are…


Viva Forever

When people asked why we were going to London, we told them the truth. To see the Spice Girls musical. They all thought we were nuts, but it was worth it. Definitely the perfect show for my mom and I to go see together in London!!


Viva Forever

How fun is my shirt?


Viva Forever

Seriously. So fun.


After the show we went back to Fratelli La Bufala as it was just around the corner and we were starving! We got the exact same thing as last time (Margherita Pizza and Gnocchi) because it was just so good and we’re a bit boring.



After dinner we walked back to the hotel and opened one of our Marks & Spencer treats, just to try one.



I swear the box was half empty when we opened it…

Even after our sugar hit we passed right out! We only had one more full day in London, so we needed our rest…


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