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Day Two in London

December 11, 2012

One thing I like about blogging after a trip is getting to relive each day! Day 2 may have been my favourite… Get ready for a big post!

Our alarm went off at 8am and we got all dolled up for the day. Funny thing about our hotel is there was no plug in the bathroom… I mean, why would anyone want to blowdry their hair in the bathroom? So very silly. After we made ourselves presentable we went to the lounge to enjoy the free breakfast that was included in our stay.


Nothing terribly special, OJ, croissants, bread and jams. We did steal a few packets of Nutella, though. Never know when you’ll need to have some hazelnutty goodness on hand! The muffins were actually quite good, especially the carrot one. Although I wouldn’t classify it as a muffin as it did have cream cheese frosting in the centre… It was definitely a cupcake. But who am I to turn down a cupcakes for breakfast?!

Oh, do you want to see the view from our hotel? It was truly magnificent:


Wow. Isn’t London beautiful?



And this, what I dubbed the MonstrosiTree, was in our hotel lobby. So shiny…


Stop #1 on Day Two was Harrods. Boy was I excited!!!


As we stepped out of the hotel to hail a cab, we noticed a little shop beside us called Cordings that we had to nip into. A quick visit turned into a new coat for mom and Hunter boots with Union Jacks for me. The store is owned by Eric Clapton which made it way cooler!

Okay. NOW time for Harrods.

(First, get ready for a shameless plug…)


I opened my handy dandy Hailo App which showed me all the cabs that were available, and two minutes later our cab arrived…


Hailo Cab

When what to my wondering eyes should appear but a London (yellow) cab in wrapped Hailo gear!!

Look at that beauty. The driver was great, he told us where to go and what to see and the Christmas Markets we shouldn’t miss!

On a completely unrelated note, if you’d like to try the Hailo app for yourself, download it here and enter promo code TORONTO to get $5 off your first ride!!


Okay. Enough of that. Back to Harrods.


Candy Tree

We started in the Food Halls, and it was unreal.


Olive Oil

Is this not the fanciest Olive Oil you’ve ever seen?!


Olive Oil

Be careful not to mistake it for your cologne…


Penguin Cake

There were the cutest cakes



Yummy donuts



And fluffy Meringues


Sleepy Santas

Look at the Sleepy Santa Cakes! Are they not the cutest things?!


Chocolate Tree

I’m thinking my Christmas tree next year is going to be made of chocolate.


Harrods Eggs

Harrods brand eggs anyone?

“Exclusively laid for Harrods”


London Chocolate

We bought a few fun things (can’t tell you specifics as the receivers read this blog!) then moved on to the next floor.



How do you display your sugar?



If it’s not like this you’re doing it wrong.


After we’d exhausted ourselves with the first half of Harrods we stopped for some sustenance.


My mom suggested we eat at Harrods Terrace as they have the BEST Truffle French Fries! Seriously, they were so good!! The club sandwich we shared was good too, but the fries were heaven.


Fun Fact Of The Day: I fit into the children’s section of Burberry!! One kid-priced plaid kilt and two tops with plaid elbow patches and I was in little girl heaven!!

Sadly, the coat that I fell in love with was not kid priced. Think it’s ridiculous to spend £950 on a jacket..? Maybe a little.


Next we wandered around the dog section, hoping to find a party collar for one of our puppies. It was pretty hilarious, they had fancy party outfits, pyjamas, swim suits – anything you can imagine, except Christmas collars! Such a disappointment. It was still fun to look around though!

Dog Bed

This looks like the kind of bed where a boy doggy seduces a girl doggy…



One of my favourite discoveries was Sweaty Betty.


Sweaty Betty

They had the CUTEST long underwear!! Although, they were cuter than they were functional, and priced for Colorado ski bunnies. So no Sweaty Betty for me.


When we’d finally seen everything Harrod’s had to sell, we realized it was almost 5pm! We had spent the entire day in Harrods!! Whoops.

Oh well, totally worth it!

We decided to walk around a bit outside and see what kind of stores we could come across. We walked all the way to Scotland searching for Sloan Street, where a kindly old gentleman told us we went in the complete wrong direction. All this for a pair of blockhead shoes for my blockhead mother! Seriously, has anyone seen a pair of Roger Vivier shoes? They are so ugly. When we left the store the security guard touched my mom’s arm and she wouldn’t stop talking about it. Whatever, I got a high five from a random stranger which is way better.


London Eye

We decided to be a little touristy and got a good view of London from the Eye.


Big Ben

It was nice to see all the lights of the city, but because it was evening you didn’t really get the full view. Would have been nice to do it again during the day!

I told my mom how romantic it would be to come to London with a lover, to which she promptly replied ‘But don’t you think Cobi would mind?’ She’s such a treat.


Boot Garden

After the Eye we went to this amazing French restaurant called La Petit Maison for dinner. Their flower boxes were a bit strange…


Creme Brûlée

The meal was incredible. The best burrata, green beans, chicken and gnocchi we’ve ever had. But the best part of the meal was definitely the Creme Brûlée for dessert. I mean just look at that!! It was huge!! No way we were going to finish it all!


Creme Brûlée

Well… Guess we can!

During our meal we were sitting next to a beautiful French couple and we copied everything they did. There were two tomatoes and a lemon on the table which we thought was decoration, but apparently you’re meant to cut up the tomatoes and eat them and slice the lemon for your water! Who knew?! The French couple, that’s who!!

After dinner we walked along Regent Street to the hotel. The Christmas lights in London are unreal. I’m going to do a post with just pictures of the Christmas lights. We got back to the hotel and promptly passed out.

What a great day.


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  1. Ruth Wheelwright permalink
    December 12, 2012 12:35 pm

    Blockhead shoes for your blockhead mother!!!!!! Mon dieu!!!! I think Mr. Roger Vivier would dissagree!!!!
    Oh, and for clarity for you reader’s sake, the secutiy guard (might I add here that there is no security guard necessary at mere plebian shoe stores, only at very special shoe stores) did not “touch my arm”, it was a sincere “madam you look beautiful in your blockhead shoes no matter what your philistine round toed daughter might think……..” I just think your readers deserve a more accurrate account of our day.

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