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London Calling!

December 3, 2012

Guess where I will be this time Thursday?

En route to London!!

Our flight leaves Thursday morning at 8am, and I can’t wait.


Viva Forever

A couple months ago I read an article about a musical that was made from the music of the Spice Girls, called Viva Forever. Being a child of the 90s, I can still recite every song with the utmost level of perfection.

I sent the article to my mom, saying jokingly that we should fly to London for a weekend in December and go see it.

My mom checked out airfare, and we managed to find flights that were positively dirt cheap – it would be silly NOT to go!!

And that was that! Our flights were booked, our hotel was booked, and we had tickets to Viva Forever.


Now. Where should we go? What should we see?

And most importantly, what should we eat??


I’ve never been before, but my mom has. And a good friend of mine is an England native so she had some suggestions for me. Our itinerary includes The London Eye, Harrods, Notting Hill for the Portobello Street Market, Harrods, Fish & Chips, the Portrait Museum, Harrods, walking the streets to see the Christmas lights and window displays, Harrods, and a bit more shopping here and there.


What are your suggestions??

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