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Power Outage Treats

September 9, 2012

During the crazy wind and rain storm yesterday we spent the day on the sofa watching a Breaking Bad marathon, praying the power wouldn’t go out.

Of course, the power went out.

After a few minutes of crying and hair-tearing, we made a fire and raided the pantry for provisions.

What we found changed the course of our afternoon forever…

We figured if we combined all these ingredients, we could make the most epic S’mores ever.

To add a bit more excitement and intrigue, we turned it into our own little version of Sweet Genius! Cobi’s brother (Jesse) was the sole competitor on Team 1, Jesse’ girlfriend (Andy) was the judge, and her friend (Tully) and I were Team 2.


Team 2 (AKA Team Awesome) began with Arrowroot Cookies slathered with Nutella.


Then we added the Chocolate Bar layer, with Mini Kit Kats and Coffee Crisps!


Then came the first Surprise Ingredient…


Froot Loops!! Team Awesome decided to glue the Froot Loops to the Coffee Crisps using Nutella, which will then be glued to the Marshmallows.


That’s a pretty good lookin’ S’more.

Now, how to roast it..?


Tin Foil!!

Into the fire they went!

We didn’t really know how long to keep them in for, and we may have taken them out too early, before the marshmallow really melted.


They don’t look great, but I can promise they were delicious! The second Surprise Ingredient was Pretzel Sticks, so we stuck it in the Marshmallow hoping it would act as a kind of handle, but the S’more was so gooey it all fell apart anyway!


Now let’s look at Team 1’s S’more creation.

Jesse decided to smush up all his ingredients, which included Arrowroot Cookies, mini Kit Kat and Coffee Crisp bars, and the 2 Surprise Ingredients (Froot Loops and Pretzel Sticks)


Then he added the crushed ingredients with chopped-up marshmallows and sandwiched it all between 2 Arrowroot Cookies.

Kind of looks like a pre-enjoyed S’more, but we admire his creativity.


So, what did Judge Andy think of the creations?

She too admired Jesse’s creativity, but thought there was too much Froot Loop flavour and not enough Nutella. And while Team Awesome’s creation was a bit messy looking, the flavour combinations were perfect. In the end, Team Awesome was victorious!!


Jesse didn’t seem to be bothered by his inevitable defeat…

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