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Long Weekend S’more Cookies

August 5, 2012

I love long weekends.

Most long weekends include swimming in the lake, bonfires, and of course, S’mores!

This year the long weekend was a bit rainy, a bit too damp for a fire. So instead of traditional S’more, we opted for something a little different…


The first step to any good S’more is the Graham Cracker. Grab your Ikea zip bag (except don’t, because they suck and tear), fill it with graham crackers and mash them up.



The next step to a good S’more is Chocolate – and lots of it!



Fold all that chocolatey and graham crackery goodness into the batter, and you’re almost ready for the final – and most important – step.




Now it’s time to bake.



Who needs a bonfire?



They may not look all that great, but they are completely delicious.



These are definitely the perfect long weekend treats!


Hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend 🙂




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