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July 6, 2012

I have found my new favourite thing: Customizable chocolate bars!!!

The company is called Chocomize, and it’s my new best friend.

You choose between a milk, dark or white chocolate bar, then garnish with WHATEVER you want – herbs, cereal, candy, cookies, even gold flakes! And you get to name your creation, which is extra fun.


This was Cobi’s first creation – ‘Mintlicious’

Milk chocolate full of M&Ms, Kit Kat pieces, Oreo pieces, and of course, Mint!


This was Cobi’s second bar – ‘Bacawesome’

This delightful treat had Kit Kat pieces, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cookie Dough, chips and bacon! It was mostly good, but the bacon was a bit overpowering.


This beautiful thing is the ‘AwesomeSauce’ bar, my first creation.

M&Ms, Kit Kat pieces, Oreo pieces, Skittles and Gummy Bears. I really liked this one, the different textures of candy were ‘AwesomeSauce’!!


This last one was my favourite – ‘CosItsSweet’!

Toffee bits, Carmelized Rice Krispies and Caramel pieces! Simple, crunchy, sweet – delicious.


I highly recommend this site! Creating the chocolate bars was tons of fun, as was naming them. Plus, they were completely delicious.

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