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Deep Fried Treats

July 3, 2012

I’ve done chocolate covered treats. I’ve done caramel-filled treats.

But I’ve never done deep fried treats…

There’s a first for everything!!!

A frequenter of Cobi’s Grilled Cheese Shop had a birthday recently, and requested a special three-course birthday meal. The first and second courses were delicious and all, but the dessert was my favourite!!

Mostly because I had made it…


The requirements were simple – Must include bacon, and must be deep fried!

I started with my favourite Chocolate Chip Cookie dough (with extra chocolate chips).


Then we added in chopped-up pieces of caramelized bacon – yum!


To make it even chocolatier, we stuffed the cookie balls with even more chocolate chips.


We let the Cookie Balls sit in the refrigerator overnight, and the next day we brought them to The Construction Site for some deep frying fun!


The first attempt didn’t work out so well… The dough was falling apart inside the deep fryer, so we had to stop and rethink things.


We figured since the Cookie Balls were all dough, they wouldn’t need to be battered before deep frying… We were wrong. So we whipped up a quick batter and tried again.


This time worked out perfectly!!! They were crispy, brown, and smelled delicious. When we cut them open the chocolate was all melty, and the batter was just barely cooked – perfect. I figured the batter wouldn’t cook in the deep fryer and I suggested baking them before frying, but Cobi vetoed that idea right quick. He wanted it all deep fried all the way! And who am I to argue with the Cheese Wiz?

Honestly they were so good. You could only eat a bite or two before you started feeling tired, but it was worth it. If only we’d had some Vanilla ice cream on hand, it would have been the ultimate dessert!


Nothing but celery and water for the next month…


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