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Long Weekend Sugar High

May 22, 2012

What a beautiful May Long Weekend!

And, what a May Long Weekend FULL of incredible food!!

The weekend began with a delicious brunch at La Societe on Bloor Street with my mom. We’d heard a bit about it and have walked through it a few times and just loved the look of it, so we had to try it out!

My mom got incredible Beef Short Rib Hash, and I, of course, got the Waffles!! The Whipped Cream, Caramel Whipped Cream and warm Syrup together on the waffles was unbelievably good. Next time I want to try the French Toast filled with Caramelized Bananas!!

After our delicious brunch we toured Bloor Street until our feet and our wallets screamed for us to stop! Then it was back up to the country with my friend Sophie in tow.


Remember when I was in California and came across the Cupcake Popcorn? Sophie managed to find some at Winners! And it wasn’t $40!!


It was the cutest popcorn I’ve ever seen. Some pieces were completely covered in frosting!!


It was surprisingly tasty. The mix of salty and sweet was perfect, and everything tastes better with sprinkles!


The next morning we started our day off with a well rounded breakfast.

We figured we’d try our hand at making our own waffles, and I think they turned out really well! And I figure if you add enough fruit, you can make anything healthy. Even waffles doused in syrup…

Not sure how we could have made our lunch of sliders and poutine healthy… Maybe if you add enough lettuce and tomato to the burger? Yes. That sounds about right.

To finish off our day of super healthy meal choices we drove into Unionville and had a yummy dinner outside on a patio. The dinner was far too healthy so we rounded it off nicely with ice cream from The Old Firehall Confectionary!

Sophie had a Skor Ice Cream Cone with Moosetracks and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.


And I had Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream sandwiched between two giant Double Chocolate Chip Cookies!


Oh. And we got some candy for good measure.


While we were in line choosing our icy treats I saw a sign for Ice Cream Cupcakes!!! Chocolate shell, ice cream centre, Dippin Dots sprinkles. Amazing!!


The next day we decided to be less disgusting with our food choices. It started out well, but then we made cookies, brownies and cake.


The best dessert of the day was my Mom’s Lemon Blossom cake…

She calls it upside down cake, I call it inside out cake.

Even though it looked broken, it was still really delicious! Lemony, fruity, with a sour cream glaze. Yum yum.


Hope everyone had a great (and delicious) long weekend!

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