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Happy Birthday Cobi!

May 21, 2012

Okay. I know this is super late, but better late than never!!


Last weekend was Cobi’s birthday celebration, so I had to make him a super awesome birthday cake.

And super awesome it was!!

Cobi’s ideal cake is one inch of fluffy white cake with six inches of fluffy white frosting… While I completely disagree with his underdeveloped tastebuds, I suppose I needed to respect his birthday wishes. So step one was to create the fluffiest, whitest cake there ever was!!


Once I had settled on the cake recipe I needed to figure out what the cake was going to look like! Last year I did a simple two layer cake with basic decorations, so this year I figured I needed to step up my game! I decided that the best cake for a Cheese Wiz would be a cake in the shape of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich! I decided to use square brownie pans to bake the layers so they’d look more like slices of bread.


Once they’d baked and cooled it was time to slice!! I cut each square into four triangles, and each quarter in half horizontally. To be sure there was a solid frosting-to-cake ratio, I hollowed out the centres so there was tons of room for the fluffy white frosting!


Now. Is that enough frosting or is that enough frosting??

It’s not as orange as I would have liked it to be, but I had run out of my good gel food colouring and only had the liquid kind on hand, and if I had added any more colouring it would have made the icing too runny! So it’s a delicious light orange cheese filling, still just as tasty as the deeper orange cheese!!


I slathered each piece of ‘bread’ with loads of ‘cheesy’ filling, and squished the second piece on top so the frosting squeezed out the sides! Yummm.


I stacked the ‘sandwiches’ on a plate, squirted some ‘ketchup’ on the side, and brought it out to the Birthday Boy!

His first response?

‘Where’s all the icing?!’


I told him to take a closer look at the sandwiches, or better yet, a bite!! After he took that first bite he realized just how much frosting was in there, not to mention the extra ‘ketchup’ frosting on the side for dipping!!

I was pretty happy with the outcome! I would have preferred deeper Ketchup and Cheese colours, but I think it still worked!


Oh, and we were lucky enough to enjoy another Birthday treat!

Birthday Cake Oreos!! The filling tasted just like the Sprinkle frosting you can get from a can.

Happy Birthday Cobi! And Oreos!!

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