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Treats In Winnipeg

May 9, 2012

I think I’m going to be full for the next three weeks.

At least.

I just had an incredible weekend in Winnipeg with Cobi and his family, celebrating his cousin Nicole’s Bat Mitzvah!

It was the first Bar/Bat Mitzvah I’ve ever been to, and I was really excited to be included!


As soon as we landed I came across some delicious treats.

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is paradise.


They had all sorts of amazing Candy Apples, from Elmo and Pigs to Turtles and Lady Bugs!!


These ones caught my eye right away, S’more and Worms N’ Dirt! Two flavours that also make AWESOME cupcakes!

They also had Chocolate Covered Brownies, Candy Bananas, all the delicious treats you could ever imagine. Cobi somehow convinced me not to buy anything, and assured me there would be more than enough treats for me to enjoy over the weekend.

I’m glad I listened to him!!


Saturday morning we were off to Synagogue for Nicole’s Bat Mitzvah, which was very impressive, by the way. Way to go Nicole!!

After the service was a reception, and it was my heaven.

(I’m trying out Instagram on some of my photos, thoughts?)

There were all sorts of delicious treats!! Rice Krispie M&M Pops, Ice Cream, Squares, Brownies, Cakes, Cookies, Pies – anything you could think of!!! I wish I had been able to take a photo of the entire dessert table, but it was way too crowded!! Can’t blame the other guests, I was one of the crowders!


I did manage to get a photo of my two favourite treats – Chocolate Covered Nibs and Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookies!! I’m a sucker for basic sugary treats dipped in chocolate. Simple and perfect. And the cookies were soft and FULL of chocolate chips, with a melted Caramilk square in the centre! So yummy, I’m going to need to try making those for myself!!


Later that evening was a well deserved celebration for Nicole.

There were sliders, fried chicken, french fries, mac & cheese – all your basic food groups.

And of course, there was the most AMAZING dessert ever!!

People who use giant bows and vases for flower arrangements and for other decorative purposes are using them incorrectly.

Giant bowls and vases are meant for nothing more than holding large amounts of candy.

Go forth, bowl owners, and fill them with sugary treats!!


There were Gummy Bears and Tootsie Rolls and Swedish Berries and Jelly Beans and Fuzzy Peaches and so much more!!! I filled up my bag thinking I’d save it to eat on the plane ride home… but it hardly made it through the night.

Good thing I had a backup bag in my purse…


The next three days and nights were filled with even more food – Hamburgers from VJ’s Drive Inn and Kelekis (the Double Cheeseburger from Kelekis has officially made my Top Three Burger List, it was so good!!), Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches from Rae & Jerry’s, and a Confetti Cake Blizzard from Dairy Queen which is, my the way, terrible.

Other than the less-than-stellar DQ Blizzard, the trip was completely delicious!

Mazel Tov Nicole, you were wonderful!!


*Today is Cobi’s birthday, so get ready for some birthday treat posts!! His birthday celebration is on Sunday so the cake will remain a secret til them, but stay posted because it’s going to be AWESOME!*

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