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Easter Treats

April 8, 2012

What a weekend so far. I’m insanely full and we haven’t even had Easter Dinner yet!!

Friday both Cobi and I had the day off work, and it was full of Easter and Passover fun.


Friday morning the Easter Bunny (Cobi and I) took colourful plastic eggs filled with candy and hid them all around the house for my Mom’s husband’s grandchildren to find!

We had cute little signs to place in the ground to lead the kids in the right directions, as the eggs were all over the place!


I spy an egg!


After the easter hunt we did some egg decorating. The youngest grandson had his own fun smashing his two eggs against each other. It actually gave the dyed egg a cool effect!

My egg was beautiful until it was splashed with dye and some of the colours ran… So I covered up the unsightly mess with a pretty flower! Good as new!


For a guy who doesn’t celebrate Easter, Cobi sure knows how to decorate an egg…


How cute are these?? Rise Krispie Nests, M&M Eggs and Peeps!! Such an easy and adorable Easter treat!


After the Easter fun we whipped back to the city for even more food for the first night of Passover.

Saturday Cobi and I both had to work late so we missed the second night of Passover, and instead went out for our own dinner.

Cobi had recently told me about the Diner at the Thompson Hotel, where they served a hamburger between a powdered donut. Of course I HAD to try it!! The burger was a little dry, and with the donut, fried egg, cheese and bacon it was a bit much! I could only manage a few bites before my heart started protesting.


After dinner we went back up north for Easter Sunday, and woke up early this morning to a house decorated with chocolate! After we’d collected all the chocolate we could carry, it was time for a nutritious Easter breakfast.

I think the fruit offsets the pool of syrup…


A friend of my Mom’s brought this candy jar filled with Mini Eggs today, and I think it’s adorable! It’d be a cute cupcake display, with the cupcake either inside of the jar or just sitting on top of the base! I just might need to steal this when no one is looking…

Been a pretty delicious Easter and Passover weekend so far.

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!

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