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Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookie Squares

March 24, 2012

Today I had the day off from work, and I was very productive!

I started with boring chores, cleaning the apartment, grocery shopping, etc.

Oh, one fun part of grocery shopping was finding the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla! It smells incredible, I can’t wait to use it in some simple chocolate brownies!


After the boring chores, things got fun!

I started the baking adventure off with some chocolate chip cookie dough, packed full of milk and semi-sweet chocolate chips!

I smushed them into the bottom of a pan, then prepared the next layer.


Usually when I bake with caramels, I use the classic square caramels if I’m too lazy to make my own. This time I decided to use Werther Chewy Caramels! Well, it wasn’t so much of a decision as it was there were no square caramels left at the store and I was, of course, too lazy to make my own caramel… But I’m glad! Werther Caramels are really buttery and delicious, I like them way more than the other ones!


Once I’d melted down the Caramels, I poured the melty goodness over the cookie base.


Finally, I topped the caramel layer with another layer of the chocolate chip cookie dough! Oh ya, these are going to be amazing.

It was like torture waiting for these bad boys to cool! Not gonna lie, I couldn’t wait and ate one too soon. Now my mouth is lacking a layer of skin. Ouch.


Because of all the chocolate chips and caramel centre, they were so gooey and really difficult to cut clean! They look really sloppy, but oohhh man are they tasty. If you had smelled the kitchen when they came out of the oven you wouldn’t care one bit what they looked like!


After I (haphazardly) cut the squares, I tossed them in the freezer to harden them up. That was definitely a good call, they were much easier to handle and put away nicely in containers. Plus, frozen squares are always awesome!

I definitely need to make these again, and hopefully I can find away to make them look a little more appetizing…

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